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3 Areas That Could Benefit From the Drama of Columns

Is your home missing something? Often times, homeowners twist and turn in agony, not knowing what their home is missing – all they know is that it doesn’t look complete. The answer may be that your home is missing a bit of drama. It probably seems like a strange thing for a home to be missing, but it is more common than you might think, and with the help of columns, it can be a relatively quick fix!

Nothing says drama quite like a bold pair of columns . Can you picture it? Walking into your home and being greeted by two large and dramatic columns that visually balance the room and create instant symmetry. Columns are a truly unique addition to any home. They are not the most common product, but they are definitely one of the most appreciated.

So you may have hopped on the column train in order to add some drama to your home, but next comes the hard part. Where to put them? Columns make a grand statement, so choosing the perfect room is crucial in ensuring the right drama is brought to your space. Inside or out, upstairs or downstairs, choosing where to install columns in your home is endless with possibilities. To make your life easier, we have listed out the three most popular areas to have columns installed in.

1. Entryway – The entryway makes the list because people like to see the drama and luxury as soon as they enter their home. The entryway makes for the perfect space to house columns because it is just that, an entryway, allowing homeowners and guests alike to enter through it. By adding columns to the entryway , guests will feel welcomed and right at home.

2. Living Room – The living room makes for an excellent room to install columns into because it is typically a larger room, so by adding columns, you can break up the space. Breaking up the space allows for you to then create smaller sections within the room and gives guests more to look at than an extremely open and spread out living area.

3. Kitchen – Because kitchens are more often than not connected to another living space, bringing columns into the kitchen is a great way to add drama and make the room stand out. Not only will columns help to visually separate the two spaces, they will also add balance and drama to an otherwise casual space.

Though we only listed three of the most common rooms to install columns into above, there are many other rooms that could easily benefit from the installation of a pair of beautifully dramatic column . Turn your home into the house all of the neighbors envy with the help of architectural columns !