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3 DIY Projects for Your Backyard

3 DIY projects for your backyard Spruce up your backyard with these 3 easy DIY projects!
In the age of all-consuming technology, backyards can often be neglected. Most people would rather play a video game that simulates them being outside, than actually go outside. However, all of this can change for you and your family by taking on a few simple and fun DIY projects that will give your backyard that boost it needs.

We are going to walk you through three simple DIY projects that you and your family can take on together to help transform your boring backyard into a place that you and the kids never want to leave.

These three projects include:

1. Fire pit
2. Light up pool balloons
3. Backyard movie theatre

By doing these projects, you and your family will not only have an awesome backyard that you will want to spend more time in, but you will get to have the satisfaction of finishing something together. Who knows, maybe DIY projects will end up becoming a part of your weekly routine. So be the DIY master you’ve always wanted to be, and take on the great outdoors.

DIY Fire Pit

Who doesn’t love roasting marshmallows or having a little campfire sing-a-long? Fire pits are one of the most basic outdoor pieces to add to any backyard to spruce up the space. Many people are under the impression that adding anything to their backyard would cost more money than it is worth, but building a stone fire pit on your own is much cheaper and simpler than you would probably expect!

This step-by-step process of building a DIY fire pit comes from It is an easy and unique way to add something new to your yard!

What you need

• Bricks or pavers at Imperial Wholesale (size, shape and amount will depend on your personal preference)
• Any type of metal, standalone fire pit
• Box of wood for burning

How to make it

1. Choose the desired location for your fire pit
2. If the desired location is bumpy or sloped, you’ll want to work on flattening out the area to ensure your fire pit is level once complete
3. Lay the first layer of bricks in a circle
a. Make the circumference of the circle the same as the circumference of the standalone fire pit you purchased
4. Lay down the next layer of bricks
a. Do not line them up to match the first layer perfectly
b. Lay them a bit off center
5. Repeat step three until your fire pit is your desired height
6. Place the standalone fire pit you purchased into the center of the brick circle
7. Place the wood into the pit
8. Enjoy your fire pit!

To ensure that you and your family will be able to enjoy your fire pit to its maximum potential, be sure to know all of the safety hazards that come along with it. Especially in the state of Arizona, effectively putting out your fire is a crucial part of fire pit safety.

Put out your fire safely and effectively by following these steps:

• Take the ashes and spread them over a large surface area. Wait for them to cool.
• After the ashes are no longer hot, pour water over them.
• DO NOT immediately go inside after pouring water over the ashes.
• Ensure that the fire is extinguished by sitting outside and making sure the ashes do not spark up again, as this is a common mistake many people make.

If you follow these precautions when putting out your fire pit, you will create a safe environment to for you and your family. For more steps on keeping your fire pit safe, read these safety precautions by HGTV.

DIY Light Up Pool Balloons

Every Arizonan knows exactly how vital a pool is to the enjoyment of those hot summer months. Even during Spring and Fall, the pool is one of the hottest commodities in a home. Even though pools are fun by themselves, it’s always a good idea to purchase a few new pool toys for you and your family to enjoy. So instead of going to your local pool store and buying yet another inflatable toy, take the time to create some fun light up balloons that everyone will enjoy.

This simple light up balloon project comes from Pinterest and only requires two items to create it.

What you need

• Balloons
• Small LED battery operated lights

To make these balloons, simply blow them up, stick the LED lights inside, and let the fun begin!

DIY Backyard Movie Theatre

Instead of sitting on your couch and watching a movie on your iPad, take a note from the good old days of drive-in movies by setting up an outdoor movie theatre in your backyard! Most people think that expensive, top of the line home theatres are the way to go, but the true cinema fans know that nothing beats the great outdoors. Considering that the weather is absolutely beautiful in Arizona eight months out of the year, there is no better place to give this fun and unique backyard project a try.

To make the screen for this project, you will need a few supplies.

What you need:

• (3) 5 gallon buckets
• (2) sacks of Sakrete
• (3) jars of PVC cement
• (2) eye bolts
• (4) anchor stakes
• (7) 10’ sections of 1.5” PVC pipe
• (1) 10’ section of 2” PVC pipe
• (1) bag of 100 ct 14” zip tie
• (1) 100’ nylon rope
• (8) 1.5” wye fittings
• (2) 1.5” 90 degree elbows
• (1) 1.5” cross fitting
• (2) 1.5” tee fitting
• (1) 5’ x 9’ of blackout cloth

To find out more about the price of these items and where you can get them, check out this article on To have a video source for this project, you will need to purchase or rent the proper equipment. To rent this equipment, Source One Rentals is a good resource. For purchasing this equipment, you can visit which offers a wide variety of projectors.

Finally, to add some finishing touches to this backyard project, you can lie down blankets or seat cushions, adorned with pillows, to really set the mood for many fun evenings! Even though this project may seem daunting, it is much easier than it looks, and it creates an atmosphere for you and your family to share countless memories.

*Quick tip: To enjoy your backyard Movie Theater year-round, place it somewhere that is viewable from the pool. What better way to enjoy your backyard than by watching a movie with family and friends, from the comfort of your cool pool on a hot summer’s night?

Enjoying Your Backyard

When you have a beautiful backyard at your disposal, it is a crime not to take full advantage of it! Even though it is fun to do the normal backyard BBQs and soccer games, it is always enjoyable to add some variety into the mix. DIY projects are exciting no matter what the project is, but when these projects help you and your family enjoy your home even more, it is absolutely worth the time. Try incorporating DIY projects into your weekly or monthly routine, not just for your backyard, but for your entire home, and you will be sure to make some lasting memories in the process.

To find even more materials to use for your home projects, be sure to check out our Design Center as well as the products section of our site. We have endless options for simple and easy designs to incorporate into your home.