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3 Perks of Carpet Flooring

It is no coincidence that carpet is one of the most popular flooring choices for homeowners. Carpet comes with a long list of benefits that can persuade most homeowners to install carpet flooring into at least a portion of their home, if not the majority!

There are a number of reasons homeowners choose carpet for their homes, but our favorite 3 perks of carpet include:

1. Style Options

That's right, style options. When most people think of style, carpet is not typically the first thing that comes to mind. However, with the wide array of colors, textures and patterns to choose from these days, style is made easy when choosing carpet.

2. Comfort

Carpet is by far the most comfortable flooring option any homeowner can choose. Soft to the touch, carpet is the ideal flooring choice for rooms where lounging on the ground is a daily occurrence. Whether settling in on the floor for game night or piling a bunch of kids in front of the TV for a sleepover, their bodies will thank you for choosing soft carpet instead of hard tile flooring.

*Carpet Bonus: In addition to being comfortable, carpet is also one of the safest flooring options you can choose. When it comes to choosing flooring, safety may not be of high concern; however for homes with little kids, having floors that are highly slip-resistant can be a blessing. That being said, everyone slips every now and then and having a soft landing place will be much appreciated when that time comes (and believe us, it will come).

3. Air Quality

News to most people, carpet helps keep a home’s air quality at a safe and healthy level. But “how” you may ask? The dust floating around in your home lands in the carpet and stays there until it is vacuumed or professionally cleaned. If you don’t have carpet, then the dust and particles will continue to float throughout your home, dramatically decreasing your air quality level.

So next time you are remodeling your home, or simply in the market for new flooring, think twice about all of your options. These three perks may leave you wishing you chose carpet as the main flooring material for your home years ago!