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3 Reasons a Mesh Backsplash is Right for You

Backsplashes are all the rage right now, and with good reason! They can dramatically or not so dramatically (depending on your style) change the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom without having to remodel the entire space. Chances are you have heard of backsplashes, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this, but you may not have heard of “mesh” backsplashes. Once installed,

mesh backsplashes

look just like any other backsplash. The mesh simply refers to the material on the back of the backsplash—you guessed it, the mesh material! Here at Imperial Wholesale, we are big fans of

mesh backsplash

so we have decided to list out the top 3 reasons we think mesh backsplashes are right for you!

1. Easy to install.

Mesh backsplashes are easy to install because the mesh backing allows for multiple tiles or pieces of the backsplash to be applied to the wall at once. This eliminates the tedious and dreadful piece-by-piece installation process and takes less than half the time to install.

2. The style is right.

No matter what style your home is, a mesh backsplash is sure to fit in. How you ask? Because we have such a large selection of mesh backsplashes here at Imperial Wholesale, ranging from material to color to shape to size, a backsplash can easily work in any styled home.

Mesh backsplashes come in a variety of tile materials, including:      

3. The end result.

Because the mesh backing allows for multiple pieces to be installed at once, not only is the process easier, but the end result will be much more fluid and visually acceptable. If you are installing one piece at a time, keeping the lines straight and even becomes pretty difficult. However with the mesh backing, you are able to install a “chunk” or an “area” so to speak, of the backsplash at a time, allowing you to take more time with each section and giving you fewer areas to line up.

If you are looking for a way to add in some color, texture or pattern (or all three!) into your kitchen or bathroom, a mesh backsplash will definitely do the trick. Not only are they in style and on trend, backsplashes are relatively easy to install and an inexpensive way to revamp your space without a complete remodel.

If you aren't sure what type of backsplash would look right in your home, or are overwhelmed by the choices, feel free to give us a call or come in to either of our two warehouse locations! Our team is more than happy to lend you a helping hand and help you through the entire process!