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3 Reasons to Shop Wholesale for Your Home

3 reasons to shop wholesale for your home 3 Reasons to Shop Wholesale for your Home
Home renovations and upkeep are a part of every homeowner’s life. From the daily chores of vacuuming and sweeping to the major projects of tearing down walls and building new additions, it’s undeniable that you will have to consider purchasing necessary maintenance items for your home at one point or another.

When executing a project for your home, there are countless resources to choose from. You have dozens of home improvement stores at your disposal, tons of information online that you can access at the touch of a button, or you have the option of doing it yourself and creating your own masterpiece. When you start doing research on items you will need to start your project at home, it is easy to get lost in a sea of price information and tricky terminology. All of that information may even deter you from executing the project in the first place.

At Imperial Wholesale, we believe that these projects should be fun and exciting, rather than a chore or dreaded task. After all, it’s your home where you and your family spend every day, therefore it should be worthwhile to invest the time and money into making it beautiful and safe.

To make the search process easier for you, we have pinpointed the top three reasons why shopping wholesale is easier on your wallet and also on your sanity. The top reasons include:

1. Affordable prices
2. High quality
3. Endless options

Regardless of whether you are just starting to think about a home renovation project or you are steps away from pulling the trigger and finally committing to the project, we guarantee that shopping at a wholesale store will make this task that much easier and enjoyable.

1. Affordable Prices

It’s no secret that homeowners looking to invest in a home improvement project are willing to hunt for the best price out there. Even though quality is of the utmost importance in these types of projects, it’s always worth it to research the best deal. For anyone who has ever shopped wholesale before, you know you’re practically guaranteed to find lower prices at a wholesale store than at your average home improvement store. At Imperial Wholesale, because we buy our stock in bulk, we are able to provide discounts to consumers that Lowes and Home Depot cannot.

The best part about these affordable prices is that you aren’t sacrificing the quality of the materials by paying less. Since we take the time to handpick our materials from around the world, quality is never compromised!

2. High Quality

Speaking of quality, wholesalers in general (particularly Imperial Wholesale) are never ones to skim on the quality of their products. There is a misconception that because you pay less for a product, it is automatically less valuable and is of a lower quality than it would be if you paid 10 to 20 percent more. Here at Imperial, we know that simply isn’t true. We select only the highest quality products from around the world to sell to our customers, while maintaining our affordable prices!

In fact, we take such pride in our products that we travel the world every year to see our inventory firsthand. We travel to Turkey, Europe, Israel, Mexico, India and China to handpick travertine, ceramic, marble, granite, copper, cherry wood and much more, solely for the purpose of making sure we give you the best product for your home.

If you are interested in learning more about our travels and the lengths we go to get the perfect products for you, feel free to give us a call or come visit us!

Why shop wholesale for your home? Why shop wholesale for your home?

3. Endless Options

Whether you think options are great or a bit overwhelming, we guarantee that we have just what you are looking for in your home! If you are just beginning the process of looking for what you need, browse our website to see all of the services and products we offer. At Imperial, you can count on us to help you with your next home project, whether it be inside the home, the exterior of your home or your home’s landscape; we have what you need to get started!

Some of the products we offer at Imperial Wholesale include:

• Flooring
• Countertops
• Sinks
• Backsplash and wall tiles
• Borders
• Landscapes
• Various other accessories

If you happen to be further along in the process and know the specific products you are looking for, there’s a good chance we have those as well. If you need a specific type of flooring, we have everything from hardwood, to tile, to laminate, to wood tiling. Our products become even more specific when you start drilling down into the exact type of tile or wood you may want. If you want travertine or marble tile, or treated and untreated hardwood, we’ve got it all in-house!

If you are in need of outdoor or landscaping items, we have pool tiling, outdoor flooring options, wall caps, ledger panels and we can even install hand-crafted mosaics to go with your outdoor oasis!

Feel free to browse through our website or come into our warehouses to get an up close look at the options we have for you and your home.

Shopping at Imperial

So before you take on your next home décor or renovation project, consider shopping wholesale and be sure to check out all of the tools that we have available to you. Not only do we have great products at low prices, but we have knowledgeable staff members that know all of the details about our products and the tools you will need to complete a project. Also be sure to utilize our website as much as possible! If you want to get some inspiration on unique projects, we have a wealth of articles in our Design Center that can point you in the right direction. If you want a better idea of how things will look visually once it all comes together in your home, check out our Design Tool!

We have no shortage of tools available to you to make your home improvement project simpler and even more fun.