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3 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Holiday Ready

Tips to make your kitchen holiday ready Tips to make your kitchen holiday ready
The holiday season is upon us once again! The holidays for most households is both the most exciting yet most stressful time of the year. With family and friend gatherings being the highlight of the season everyone wants their homes to be in tip top shape.

When we think of beloved holiday gatherings one thing in particular comes to mind: the kitchen. Warm home cooked meals are at the heart of these events when everyone joins together to be thankful and share this special time together. With all this cooking and wonderful food being passed around and created, your kitchen needs to be ready for anything and everything!

We have broken down what you need to have you kitchen holiday ready in 3 easy steps:

1) Prep your appliances
2) Stock up on essentials
3) Decorate

Prep Your Appliances

One of the most terrifying things that can happen over the holidays is to experience a breakdown or inefficiency in kitchen appliances. The best way to combat these potential meltdowns is to use preventative measures to ensure your holiday plans run smoothly.


Your fridge will soon be piled high with delicious foods from every food group. From prep to leftovers it is crucial that your fridge works efficiently. Make sure to do a sweep prior to holiday cooking. Get rid of everything you won’t possibly need to make space for something essential that will be taking its place. Do a thorough wipe down of all shelves, drawers, and remaining items. Check to make sure no filters need to be changed and that all light bulbs are in bright working order.


An oven that works in superb form will help you to create all of your family’s favorite dishes during the holidays. To ensure the maximum results for all of your dishes you will want your oven to be as clean as possible.

A clean oven will help all cooking to run smoothly and in a timely fashion. Most ovens have a ‘self-clean’ option but beware: self-cleaning takes a toll on your oven and can ware it out even more. Most newer ovens have hidden heating elements located underneath the oven floor and above the oven ceiling. These elements help so that nothing scorches when dripped but also means that it is more difficult for the heat to ventilate out and the air to circulate. Secondly, the self-clean option raises heat temperatures to 1,000 degrees. Temperatures this high often cause the fuses to pop and heating panels to burn out. Opt to give your oven a good wipe down with cleaning solution and warm rag and save the ‘self-clean’ for after all the holiday cooking.


The microwave is an often forgotten about appliance. There is nothing worse than a friend or extended family member going to help warm something up to be surprised by a splattered mess. Thankfully the microwave is easy to clean! Grab that warm cloth you used in your oven (don’t forget to give it a warm and soapy rinse) and wipe down the whole microwave. You will be surprised how pristine it will look after a good scrub!


A sparkling floor will help illuminate the whole home. Daily wear and tear take a huge toll on your floors, especially during holiday season. Does your hardwood or tile tend to look dull? Dull floors can be easily remedied with just a few simple products. Check out wood, tile and stone cleaning products to help your floors look like new! Do you have a stubborn spot of wood that just want shine? Try our wood trigger spray that will brighten up just about any wood floor. Maybe your entry way stone floor is the problem? Use our ultimate stone cleaner to make sure you get the job done!


Don’t forget to keep countertops, tables, and other kitchen nooks clean and free of clutter as well. You will need to optimize all spaces in your kitchen during this crazy and fun time!

Stock Up On Proper Essentials

Kitchen Supplies

You can prepare as much as your heart desires for the holiday season but you also need to be ready for those curve balls at a moment’s notice. The last thing anyone wants is to run out of necessary supplies in the middle of prepping, cooking or cleaning. Make sure your kitchen and home are fully equipped with all of the necessities such as Ziploc bags, Tupperware, foil, trash bags, paper towels and soap among other useful supplies.

Spices, Herbs and Oils

Now assuming that you’ve completed all things on our list, let’s figure your kitchen is clean, all appliances are in working order, you’ve stocked up on essential supplies and you’re compiling your grocery list.

You may be wrapped up in lists ensuring that you have all of the correct and required ingredients to make all of your holiday meals. However, an unforeseen road block could get in your way: spices, herbs and oils. Home cooked meals are always the best because they are your own creation and allow you to put your own spin on every dish. This being said, you never know when you will need a little extra salt here, pepper there, olive oil dash--- you catch the drift! Make sure your pantry and cabinets are fully stocked of these yummy additives.


Last but certainly not least, snacks are crucial to have on hand while guests are visiting. Yes, you will most likely have tons of leftovers from meals, but you should always have quick and easy foods to fill up on.

This is especially important for kids. When kids are on the go they are going to be hungry and need a quick way to fill up. Try to keep some healthy options around such as fruit, carrot sticks and cereal. It is also important to have a variety of snacks for those who may have food allergies or stick to a certain diet. Any information you can find out about your guests ahead of time (if you don’t know them well already) will help you to be the utmost prepared in the end!


Your home décor is one of the best ways to get your household into the holiday spirit. There are a ton of DIY holiday craft ideas perfect for entertaining the kids and decorating your home at the same time. Using left over tile is perfect for many DIY projects. Looking for a fun and easy idea? When the holidays bring guests, guests will bring drinks, and you’ll want to preserve all tables and countertops in your home. Try painting tiles with festive designs and using them as coasters. They’re easy to make and you’ll have plenty!

Additionally, by adding just a few of the following pieces to your favorite room such as Cinnamon-stick brooms, candles, wreaths and many more you can instantly transform it from cold to cozy in no time! Don’t forget to keep floors sparkling and walls clean as well so your decorations can attract attention and compliment your designated area of decoration.

Holiday Ready

By having your home ready-to-go for the holidays you will minimize stress and be able to enjoy more time with family and friends. Worried you will be forgetting something? Just remember the three mains steps:

1) Prep your kitchen’s appliances
2) Stock up on proper essentials and
3) Décor

After following the preceding easy how-to steps, your home will be ready for use, enjoyment and entertaining during the holidays in no time, and your guests will be impressed too!