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Mosaics: 3 Ways They Can Transform Your Home

Mosaics: 3 Ways They Can Transform Your Home Mosaics: 3 Ways They Can Transform Your Home
Handmade art is a sign of sophistication that cannot be argued with. When you enter a museum or a room that is graced with art, handmade by some of the most influential artists in history, you immediately feel like you are in the presence of greatness.

The immense feeling of awe and gratitude when you cast your gaze upon ancient Duomos and architectural feats like the pyramids of Egypt or the Roman Coliseum is difficult to maintain after leaving the presence of their greatness. Fortunately for you, Imperial Elite can bring those feelings of appreciation right into your own home.

Even though we cannot construct the pyramids of Egypt for you, we can create handmade works of art that will leave you in awe every time you enter the room. Every time you look at it, you will envision the years of artistry that have influenced the work that is sitting in your own home.

Mosaics are works of art that have been on this planet for centuries. The earliest traces of mosaics were in ancient temples in the Middle East and Europe.

Since they were first designed, mosaics have been an artistic staple in the world’s culture and this still remains true today. After being incorporated into some of the most influential artistic eras in the world’s history such as the Byzantine era and the Renaissance era, these handmade works still have not lost their luster.

In ancient history, mosaics were only found in some of the richest provinces of Africa, Syria, and the Roman Empire. If the richest people in those times were allowed such a luxury, why shouldn’t you?

There are endless ways to incorporate mosaics into your home. They can be as big or small as you desire and can incorporate design influences from any place or time period you can imagine. The three primary areas people choose to incorporate mosaics into their home include:

1. Foyers
2. Walls
3. Landscape and pool areas

Whether you choose to locate a mosaic in one or all three of these locations, the addition of this masterpiece will make your home feel as grand as Buckingham Palace.


Most homeowners can agree that if you want to make an immediate statement to anyone who enters your home, your foyer is the perfect place to start. First impressions are everything and when someone steps foot inside your front door and sees a grand, handmade mosaic decorating your floors, they will know how serious you take the décor in your home. Your foyer sets the tone for the entire experience your guests will have in your home and there can be no room for error.

When you think about some of the most grand structures in the world such as St. Peter’s basilica or the Taj Mahal, you notice those buildings don’t force you to walk through miles of mediocrity to eventually be stunned with beauty and intricacy. Those structures immediately let you know that you are in the presence of artful history with the use of traditional designs and early architecture.

It is always a good idea to take the successes of history and apply them to your life, so why would you allow decor to be any different? Make a statement in your home with a floor mosaic in your entryway; it will change the experience your guests have in your home.

Where should I put a mosaic in my home? Where should I put a mosaic in my home?


It can sometimes be difficult to decide what you should do with the empty wall space in your home. Should you buy an original painting from your favorite artist? Should you paint it a bold and grandiose color? Or perhaps you can garnish it with ancient artifacts from around the world.

All of these options are possible, but there is truly nothing more unique than a handmade, original piece of art that was customized just for you.

When a large, beautiful and colorful mosaic is a part of your wall, people will not be able to help but feel envious. Not only did you get an original piece of artwork for your home, but you essentially get to tell the artist exactly how you want the finished masterpiece to look.

Any color or design you can imagine can be incorporated right into the piece of art. If you place your mosaic on a wall that is constantly sun kissed by rays of sunshine, the beauty of your mosaic will be heightened as it reflects the beauty of the outdoors in your home.

Unlike many other pieces of wall art that you change out every year or so, mosaics will never leave your home feeling monotonous. Every time you walk past it, you will feel refined in a way you have never felt before.

Landscape and Pool Areas

Even though some of the most beautiful royal palaces in the world have grand architecture inside of their buildings, some of the most breathtaking art and design can be found in the gardens and pools of those very same palaces.

The Palace of Versailles did not stop with the construction of the hall of mirrors and simply say “this is good enough.” They took it even further by incorporating art into the shrubbery and floral arrangements that surround the palace. If Marie Antoinette didn’t limit her decorations to the inside walls of her palace, why should you? Incorporating a mosaic into your landscape or your pool can elevate an already serene space in your home.

When the sun reflects its rays off of the mosaic tiles, you will only be able to feel peace and elegance. When you are swimming in your pool and see the water ripples and sunshine glistening off of the piece of art that sits at the bottom of your pool, you will feel like royalty.

Wherever you choose to incorporate a mosaic into your home, it will do nothing but add serenity and beauty into an already stunning home. So what are you waiting for? Call Imperial Elite and see how they can take your home’s décor to the next level.