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3 Ways to Jazz up Your Backyard

Do you feel like your backyard is lacking in the excitement department? There are a lot of things that can be done to a backyard to make it look and feel like an oasis, however, those things take time and money. Continue reading to learn about the three steps we suggest taking to jazz up your backyard !

1. Artificial Grass

– Whenever you see a backyard with serious wow-factor, chances are that space has a gorgeously green lawn . The problem with grass is that it doesn’t stay perfectly green all year-round; in fact, most lawns end up looking less-than ideal for the majority of the year. Artificial grass is the perfect base and starting off point for any backyard. Not only will your lawn look perfect year-round, but your backyard will look much more complete, well-kept and put-together.

2. Fountain

– Nothing says “wow” quite like an outdoor fountain. Install any of our outdoor fountains on your patio and watch as your backyard is immediately transformed into a much more enjoyable and livable space. Fountains add aesthetic appeal as well as relaxing water sounds that can help mute any unwanted noise that may make its way into your yard. Pair artificial grass with a fountain and your backyard is one step away from becoming a true outdoor oasis.

3. Custom Mosaic

– Now that your backyard has beautiful green (artificial) grass year-round and a relaxing fountain, it is time to bring in something dramatic and impactful, like a custom tile mosaic! Custom mosaics can be added onto a patio wall, at the bottom of a pool, or anywhere else you wish! We like mosaics that are built into an outdoor patio – easily viewable, beautiful and dramatic!

If you follow the three steps that we listed for jazzing up your existing backyard, you will be more than pleased by the results that follow. Your backyard will go from simple and bland to colorful, breath-taking and complete in no time. Your friends, family, neighbors and guests will all be asking you for design tips and help with making their backyard look half as great as yours!