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4 Best Places to Find Inspiration for Home Décor

4 best places to find inspiration for home decor 4 Best Places to Find Inspiration for Home Decor
Every now and then homeowners go through the phases of wanting to redecorate their home. This desire to change up the style in your home may stem from life changes such as getting married, having children, or moving. Depending on your own life changes, you may want to kick your décor up a notch or you may want to scale it back a touch. No matter what you plan on doing with your designs, finding the right inspiration before taking action is key.

Skimming through Ikea catalogs and browsing Pinterest for inspiration is always a good idea. But one thing we tend to forget when we are constantly flooded with technology is that there are so many other opportunities for design inspiration besides the internet. There were hundreds and thousands of years on this planet where people broke ground in the architectural and artistic world, and they did so without the internet. In fact, most would argue that the most influential eras of artistry and architecture came long before technology was invented.

So what were those people’s secrets? What did Leonardo da Vinci see that made his creations so monumental? Where did the renaissance artists or the baroque architects draw their inspiration from? Surprisingly, the answers are more obvious than you think. This article will help you pinpoint the 4 best places to draw home décor inspiration from.

These 4 places include:

1. Natural landscapes
2. Destinations around the world
3. Historical art or architecture
4. Clothing

Believe it or not, some of the best places to draw inspiration from are right outside of your front door. But if you are looking to venture a bit further, traveling is always a go-to when it comes to design and decoration as well.

Natural Landscapes

We often forget how beautiful the world we live in is. When we are always looking at our phones or staying home to watch the latest TV show, we fail to remember that there are mountains and forests out there that are more than worth exploring.

Nature provides us with the best color schemes and ambiances for our homes, so why not allow some outdoor time to inspire your next creative binge? Considering how many different landscapes there are to choose from, you can take the décor in your home in any direction you can imagine. If ocean scenery speaks to you, incorporate cool tones that reflect the ocean and the creatures living in it. If you prefer places like Sedona or the Grand Canyon, allow the pink and red tones to make their way into your living room.

Different types of nature can convey different types of moods, so be sure to take this into consideration when choosing your inspiration. If you want a fun and vibrant ambiance, a beach theme may work well for you. But if you are looking for a more laid back, serene feeling, a more secluded environment like the forest may work best.

Travel Destinations

There is nothing more inspirational than a trip to a beautiful location. Whether that trip is to somewhere in your own state or is located halfway across the planet, traveling is a great way to open your mind and let new ideas come to you. Maybe you have recently traveled to an area that had a vibe and culture you have never experienced before, or maybe you went somewhere familiar, perhaps a location you have frequented with your family throughout your whole life.

During your trip, allow yourself some quiet time to absorb the scenery, the people, the culture, the food, and the overall way of life. People who create a Zen interior design for their home probably found their inspiration on a spiritual trip to Asia. If you know a person who decorated their home around cooking and entertaining, perhaps they got their ideas from a trip to Italy.

Traveling can be great for so many reasons, and if you are looking for an inspirational design kick, a quick weekend trip or an extended vacation may just be the thing for you.

Historical Art or Architecture

In the U.S., artistic and architectural history only spans a couple hundred years. Even though there are still great pieces of art to see and experience in this country, places beyond the U.S. borders are the best areas to find unique and meaningful artistic inspiration.

With this form of inspiration, you most certainly don’t have to travel all the way to Paris to experience the Louvre first hand. Whether you are browsing ancient art or architecture online, watching a documentary about it, or happen to find a book that teaches you about ancient artifacts, using these resources to study ancient forms of art is another great way to find ideas for your home décor.

If you find a particular piece of art that speaks to you, incorporate the colors or the ambiance into your design project. Perhaps a particular era has influenced you, such as the renaissance or the baroque era. If that’s the case, maybe incorporate some pieces (knockoff or not) of that time period’s art into your home.

There are hundreds of reasons why certain artistic eras have made such an impact on societies and cultures around the world, so why not let it influence your home?


Last but not least, one of the easiest and best places to find ideas for your home design is right in your own closet. For most people, clothing is the perfect way to capture someone’s personality, style, and their values. Whether you like it or not, a lot can be told simply by what a person chooses to wear. Since items of clothing are so impactful in the design of your everyday life, what better way to incorporate your likes and dislikes into your home than with a little inspiration from your wardrobe?

If your clothing style is conservative and preppy, make your home that way too! If you are more on the edgy side, make your home bold and dramatic.

Inspiration for design can be found everywhere you look. It can be in your closet, outside your front door, or in a country on the other side of the planet. So next time you are thinking of redesigning your home, if you happen to find yourself in a creative rut, just take a peek at any of the above places to spark some creative ideas.