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4 Breathtaking Ideas for Your Home Entryway

home entryway flooring 4 Breathtaking Ideas for Your Home Entryway
The entryway of a home can be a difficult space to decorate. You would think that the entryway would be one of the first spaces on the list for a remodel since it’s one of the most high-traffic areas in almost every home. However, in most home renovations, very little of the design budget is left for the entryway, causing it to be forgotten or left for a future project. When this happens, the entryway is often not given the same face lift as the rest of a home. Don’t let this happen to your home! Your home’s entryway is very important. It’s the first chance you get to show off your personal style and give your guests a sneak peak of the design they’ll see throughout the rest of the house. If it’s done well, your entryway will impress everyone who enters. Whether you’re looking to create a grandiose space or something more subdued and simple, you have an infinite number of options. Consider these four design elements when creating your entryway:
  • Dramatic staircase
  • Mosaics
  • Columns
  • Chandelier

Dramatic Staircase

If your home is two stories, your staircase might be the focal point of your entryway. That being said, the staircase is a great place to start with your entryway remodel. Replace carpeted stairs with stone, and add dark wood and stone balusters to the railings to instantly create a luxurious feel. Depending on which type of stone you decide to use, your entryway can be elegant and timeless, or modern and minimalistic.

If you have a lot of space in your entryway, consider adding a double arched staircase. Double arched staircases are found in many of the most beautiful homes in the world, and can easily create the drama you’re looking for. A double arched staircase is composed of two staircases that start at opposite ends of your home’s second floor. They arch down in a graceful curve and end across from each other in your entryway. They often frame elegant formal dining rooms or living rooms, and are very inviting to guests. These staircases also create a large landing on your second floor that gives a good view of what’s going on below.

If you only have room for one staircase, you can create a single arched staircase instead. It’ll still create a luxurious look, even in a smaller area.


Are you focused on flooring for your entryway? These days the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to flooring, so a custom mosaic is certainly not out of the question for an entryway. Mosaics graced the floors of ancient Roman and Greek homes, and many are still intact to this day. The combination of beauty and durability that mosaics offer make them an ideal option for high-traffic spaces.

Install a large circular medallion that depicts a scene of flowers and vines, or try a rectangular mosaic with a more geometric pattern. Do you have a family crest? Make it into a mosaic. Mosaic designs are only limited by your imagination.

If you’re not looking for an intricate mosaic, you could install tile of different sizes or colors to create a larger pattern throughout the whole space. Use bold colors and unorthodox shaped tiles if you want your flooring to draw a lot of attention. Smaller tiles in the same color scheme will create a more subdued design.


Columns have been a part of both interior and exterior design since ancient times, and they’re still considered a sign of opulence and luxury to this day. Install columns framing your front door to allow guests to enter your home through a spectacular archway. If you have a double arched staircase, you can incorporate columns into those as well.

Frame the entrances to other areas of your home with columns to keep the interior design consistent. Columns can be tall or short, depending on the look you’re going for. Also install columns in the front of your home to keep the design flowing as guests enter your home.

If you want columns in your home, you have many choices that can be seamlessly combined with any style—even modern and contemporary! Columns can be clean and simple, or they can be as ornate as you like. They can be round or square, smooth or carved with long grooves, thick or thin. The possibilities are virtually endless!


A chandelier is the perfect way to top off your entryway. Chandeliers are both practical and beautiful; they provide much needed light in your entryway, and they can be a work of art. If your entryway has high ceilings, you should consider installing a chandelier. The chandelier will draw guests’ eyes up, which will highlight those high ceilings, making your entryway feel much bigger.

When it comes time for you to pick out your chandelier, you have so many choices that you’re bound to find the perfect chandelier to fit your style. If you like more of a classic design, a large, crystal chandelier is a great option. If you enjoy modern designs, you can easily find unique chandeliers that will pull your entryway together. Don’t be afraid to choose a light fixture that may be slightly out of your design comfort zone—those choices often turn out to look best!

Don’t let your entryway be a forgotten project during your remodel! A pristine entryway will pull your home together, acting as the final piece that will make your home the getaway you desire.

Whether you decide to use only one of these design ideas, or you combine all four of them to make your home a truly lavish space, your entryway will be breathtaking when it’s complete. When the time comes to start your renovation, you can rely on Imperial Elite to make your dreams a reality!