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4 Unexpected Uses for Tile

4 Unexpected Uses for Tile 4 Unexpected Uses for Tile

Tile flooring is one of the tried and true staples in homes across the country. It’s sturdy, it’s reliable, and it can fit any price point or style. But you don’t need to hear all the benefits of tile, yet again. You’ve used it in the kitchen and the bathrooms for your backsplash and maybe even a couple of mosaics.

Maybe you love tile so much that you’ve taken it upon yourself to try out a few DIY crafts with discounted tiles you found at the store. You probably think that you’ve used tile in every way possible, right? There couldn’t possibly be another way to incorporate this beautiful and strong element into your home again?

Well, fortunately for you tile lovers, we have come up with 4 unexpected ways you can use tile in your home. Adding tile to these 4 areas instantly elevates the look and feel of your home, and can turn a boring area into something truly stunning!

These 4 areas include:

1. Wall designs
2. Wall accents
3. Fire place tiling
4. Outdoor/patio areas

These spaces that used to be plain and under-utilized can now become the focal point of your home. With a bit of inspiration and great tile selection, you can implement these ideas in your home in no time!

1. Wall Designs

Many people are aware of just how beautiful tile can look as a backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom. However, few people can see the potential of creating an artistic design with tile that takes up an entire wall of your house.

This unique option for tile can be used as a design piece in your foyer, or can act as a backdrop behind your bed instead of a headboard. For this project you can use laminate tiles or go all out with ceramic, travertine, porcelain, or whatever your heart desires!

This idea is a great way to take a simple and boring space and instantly make it into something completely unique and beautiful. Instead of buying wall hangings or trying to find shelves to fill the space on an empty wall, this option allows the space to become captivating and can be a huge expression of design for your entire home.

2. Wall Accents

If you are more of a minimalist and like the concept of adding tile to your wall, but don’t want to commit an entire wall of your home to the idea, creating a tile wall accent is a perfect compromise.

Wall accents can be any shape, color, and size you can imagine, so this option is a great opportunity for individual expression that can also be subtle. Wall accents can be handmade on your own, or you can find a local artist who will create a one of a kind piece for you.

The best thing about wall accents is that you can find inexpensive, mismatched, and sometimes, broken tiles, and turn them into a work of art that represents your home.

This option is easy to try out and can be just as easily discarded if you decide you don’t like the finished product and want to give it another go. So take an afternoon off and give this DIY project a shot!

3. Fire Place Tiling

Here in Arizona, fire places are not the necessity that they are in much colder climates. Fire places here are mostly used for décor and are turned on for the few cold nights we have here in December. Even though fire places are beautiful as a stand-alone item, incorporating tile into its design can transform it from something boring, into a piece of art.

Just like using tile to create an entire wall design, you can use all of the real estate that is part of the fire place as an area to lay the groundwork for your tile design. This unique use of tile can really put a southwestern spin on this functional aspect of your home.

Instead of having your fire place go unused and unnoticed for the majority of the year, this upgrade can turn it into the focal point of your room.

4. Outdoor/Patio Areas

Of all the places that tile is underrepresented in homes here in the Phoenix area, the patio area tops the list. Most people see their outdoor space as a burden or a constant chore. But with how beautiful the weather in Arizona is 9 months out of the year, there is no reason to make the most of your outdoor space!

Aside from making your yard and patio functional for family gatherings and moon-lit dinners, making it look beautiful and adding an element of durability to it is a must as well.

By adding tile to your patio or the areas surrounding your pool, you instantly add some design flare while also investing in the longevity of this space. Maintenance of your yard or pool can be a lot of work, but one of the many benefits of outdoor tile is it can make that work tremendously easier.

In addition to using tile outside of your pool, using it in your pool is something to consider! Instead of using pool lining or simple cement, give your pool that makeover it deserves by incorporating some colorful tile into the mix. It not only increases the lifespan of your pool, it also makes it more aesthetically pleasing for you and everyone who comes over for a swim!

Tile is not simply limited to the confines of the kitchens and bathrooms of the world. Tile has so many uses and can be a great investment for any area of your home! Its beauty and stability make it a great choice for any project.

Especially with how hot the weather can get in Arizona, the addition of tile can help to cool things down a bit in your home. So be sure to give one of these projects a try next time you are in the DIY mood!