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4 Upgrades to Make to Your Pool This Summer

4 Upgrades to Make to Your Pool This Summer 4 Upgrades to Make to Your Pool This Summer
The staple of Arizona homes always seems to be the same. It keeps residents cool during the unbearable summer months, along with providing hours of entertainment for both adults and children. You can jump right in, or take your time getting used to the temperature. Floating coolers are a must have, but don’t forget your raft.

If you guessed the necessary staple is a bathtub, you’d be close, but incorrect.

Swimming pools are a must have for any household trying to deal with the scorching summer heat without having to run your air conditioning for three months straight. Not only does constantly running your air conditioning cost money, it wastes electricity during the times you aren’t home.

Pools are central to summer entertainment where friends and families can lounge, relax, cook and connect all in one place. There’s nothing like a warm summer night spent barbequing and making waves, or a hot day spent sequestered in the water. If you have a pool and live in Arizona, chances are you’ll be using it a lot in the upcoming months.

Because pools are such a common feature in Arizona backyards, pool owners may think it’s difficult to make their pool different or customizable. When designing a backyard landscape, the goal is to have a cohesive design palette. In other words, backyards should be intentional in the way that they are laid out, designed and created. This includes your pool.

If you are trying to improve your backyard to give it a consistent theme, it may be hard to find time. Because pools in Arizona can be used almost year-round, it doesn’t leave much time for upgrades or changes. The prime time to make these alterations is before people start practically living out of their pools during the summer months. While you have this time, consider these four upgrades to make to your pool this summer:

1. Redesign your pool tiles
2. Replace your deck flooring
3. Add ledger panels
4. Insert wall caps

Making these upgrades to your pool will not only take your pool up a level, it will allow you to enjoy the serenity of the water throughout the scorching summer heat. If you create a feasible budget and tackle these upgrades one by one, you’ll have the pool you desire for your summer enjoyment!

Pool tiles

Depending on your current pool floor, consider adding tile. Pool tiles come in a variety of different colors, textures, and designs, making it easy to customize and blend with your backyard design. Because tiles come in so many different patterns and colors, you can get creative and make your pool custom to your taste by combining multiple designs.

Tiles are built to last and have relatively easy, routine maintenance. Adding tile will add contrast to your pool coping while also being easier to clean than cement based pool surfaces. Whether you’re looking for a blue tile floor that will reflect the ocean color, or a warm neutral to draw in the natural light, there is a bank full of options to choose from. Depending on what tile you are adding or replacing, consider that it will take time to change so start on this upgrade as soon as possible!

Deck flooring

Every Arizonan knows the feeling of stepping out of their pool and instantly regretting their decision not to have sandals nearby. Because of the intense Arizona heat, the area surrounding your pool can get really hot, really quickly. You want to make sure you have the right flooring around your pool depending on your needs.

If you‘re looking for a material that works year round and is versatile, you’ll want to put in flagstone. Flagstone comes in a variety of colors and styles and has random cuts to make the floor look more natural. If you want something more modern, consider pavers. On the other hand, pavers have straighter edges giving the floor a geographic look. They are smooth and sleek as opposed to natural looking. The one downside to pavers is that they do get quite slippery, so if you have little ones running around, you may rwant to stick to flagstone. Installing the right deck flooring is a big decision so take advantage of our fee consultation service if you’re unsure which direction to go.

Ledger Panels

When you hear “ledger panels” chances are, you either think of material in your kitchen, or you’ve never even heard of them. Even if you don’t recognize this backyard feature, you’ve probably seen it. Ledger Panels are used to create the wall support that you see surrounding pool fountains. They can also be used as the base of barbeque set-ups, entertainment areas, or outdoor fire places. The panels create a stacked look utilizing different shaped and colored panels.

A unique feature of ledger panels is the dimension they bring. Because of the stacking effect, no wall made from ledger panels is going to look like another. Each wall is custom designed and made through the individual panels. Using ledger panels will give your pool and backyard a much needed facelift and leave your landscape looking a bit more sophisticated.

Wall Cap

If you think your pool looks unfinished, adding wall caps might just be the finishing touch you’re looking for. Wall caps can be placed on top of retaining walls (usually made from ledger panels) to seal the material. Another feature is that wall caps are made on a sloping edge, which keeps the water from away from the wall opening. In addition to closing the wall, wall caps prevent damage from the sun, which is much needed with the Arizona heat!

They can also be called coping when placed around the edge of a pool to keep the water from seeping onto the deck. Made from either slate or sandstone, the caps also add strength and durability for the walls positioned around your pool. Wall caps are easily customizable and will give your pool the finished look it needs.