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5 DIY Holiday Décor Projects

5 DIY holiday decorations for your home 5 DIY holiday decorations for your home
Fall is in the air and the holiday season is upon us! Family gatherings are making their way back to your home, holiday TV specials are making their debut and home is starting to feel that much cozier. It’s undeniable that the holiday season puts everyone in a good mood and brings back age old traditions. Whether these traditions include baking, game nights or classic movies, holiday decorations are always in the mix!

Everything from Thanksgiving centerpieces to stringing Christmas lights can make any day feel special, especially when the whole family is involved! Even though going to the store and buying the perfect piece of holiday décor is always a fun outing, this year try switching it up by making some holiday decorations all on your own.

Whether you are a first time DIYer or you are a master crafter, we have compiled a list of the 5 best holiday DIY décor projects for you to try out this season.

1. Holiday wreath
2. Glittering mantel
3. Glass block snowman
4. Hot cocoa corner
5. Photo backdrop and props

1. Holiday Wreath

It isn’t the holidays without a fun and festive wreath hanging on your front door! This candy-cane colored décor piece is easy to make and is bright and colorful enough to be the focal point of any decorative ensemble. With a bit of red and white yarn and fabric, along with some black ribbon, you have an instant holiday makeover!

This project is every DIYer’s dream as it is quick to make and inexpensive to fund! Not only will this décor piece give you a festive look for this season’s holidays, but it will last for many holidays to come! Go to Houzz to get the full details on this project.

2. Glittering Mantel

This DIY project requires a few more steps and items than the holiday wreath, however the end result is a major holiday décor overhaul to your mantle space! Some people simply add a few stockings or candles to their mantles during the holiday season and fail to realize how exciting and festive this space can actually be!

If you love the look of more modern and glitzy holiday décor, check out this metallic holiday ensemble on The Décor Fix. With a few simple silver and gold ornaments, along with a unique and glamorous gold and silver mini tree, your space is instantly transformed!

Take it a step further with an easy and fun glittering lightscape that truly captures the snowy spirit of Christmas! With a simple white canvas, a few small holes and a string of white Christmas lights shining through, your merry and bright mantelpiece is complete!

3. Glass block Snowman

No holiday décor is ever complete without at least one snowman! Since we certainly don’t get enough snow down here in Arizona to build a real one, we have to make due with creative DIY alternatives.

A quick, easy and cute snowman decoration that the kids and adults will both love to make is a lighted glass block snowman. All you need to make this adorable holiday piece are clear glass boxes of two different sizes, white Christmas lights, fabric for the eyes, nose and buttons, as well as any fabric you would like to make a scarf or hat out of for your snowman!

Add an extra step to this DIY project by grabbing some fake, decorative snow at your local craft store. Sprinkle the fake snow over the snowman and around his base, and you will have yourself the best looking DIY snowman on the block!

The step by step instructions for this craft can be found on

4. Hot Cocoa Corner

Every holiday season is filled with fun and fabulous holiday parties. With amazing horderves being served and cocktails going around, it is always nice to be able to add something new and unique into the mix! At this year’s holiday party, why not add in a hot cocoa corner, perfect for people to make their own delicious hot cocoa creations!

With a homemade cocoa blend, a mix of marshmallows, candy cane pieces and even some adult drinks to mix in, your hot cocoa station will be a hit!

5. Photo Backdrop and Prop Area

Another must for any holiday party is a creative and jolly photo backdrop and prop area! Pictures make for the best memories, especially when it comes to celebrating the holidays. So whether you are having a family gathering or a holiday blowout party, be sure to include this item in your planning!

To make the perfect backdrop, you will first need to find a good space to arrange it. If you have an area in your home that has a large wall that is free of wall hangings or décor, this would be the perfect place to set up shop!

The first thing you will need to do is create the perfect backdrop for your photos. Whether you want to string the wall with Christmas lights and ornaments, or if you want to create your very own personalized backdrop, this aspect is the building block for the perfect photo booth.

The next step is to (obviously) figure out which camera to use! Some people might choose to set up their own personal camera on a tripod for anyone to take photos as they please, or they may choose the easier route of having people use their own camera phones to capture the moment!

Finally, no photo booth is complete without the addition of some funky props! You will want these props to be fitting for the occasion, so be sure to incorporate some mistletoes, Santa Claus hats and candy canes!

A Little Holiday Cheer

No matter what your decor taste may be, there are countless options when it comes to crafting your own holiday decorations! Whether you are looking for crafts that are perfect for the kids, or you are looking for a more challenging craft to up your DIY game, the perfect project is out there!

With a little bit of research, you could possibility come across new ways to come up with some of your own DIY holiday gifts! Whatever you choose to do, make sure you enjoy the holidays!