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5 Fall Backyard Trends

fall_backyard 5 Fall Backyard Trends
It’s that time of year again: relief from the long, hot summer is in sight. Fall is almost here! That means it’s time to start preparing your backyard, which is a great place to relax and hang out during the cool months. And to help you get ready, we’ve found five fall backyard trends for you to try.

The five trends we recommend you try this fall are:
  1. DIY Fire pit
  2. Outdoor games
  3. Fall garden décor
  4. Contemporary outdoor seating
  5. Fun pool lighting
Whether you try one, two, or even all five, these ideas will make your backyard a festive place to be this season!

DIY Fire Pit

Cooler temperatures make the prospect of having a bonfire inviting. But you don’t want just any old fire pit, right? Entertain and impress your family and friends with a DIY fire pit!

A DIY fire pit is fun to create and not as hard as you may think. Read our post on 3 DIY Projects for Your Backyard to learn exactly how to make one, including step-by-step instructions and safety tips. Soon you’ll be curled up in a blanket roasting marshmallows beside your very own, custom made fire pit.

Outdoor Games

Nothing gets a group engaged like games! Liven up your fall get-togethers with outdoor games that everyone can participate in.

A few popular games you can adapt to the backyard include:
  • Twister
  • Bowling
  • Scrabble
Read on to learn how to bring each of these games to the backyard!


Remember Twister? Reminisce about high school days by playing it on your lawn! All you need are a few cans of spray paint (red, yellow, blue, and green), a few sheets of poster paper, a marker, and a pair of scissors. Then follow these steps from to make your own Twister game:
  1. Use a plate to trace a circle in the center of a piece of poster paper.
  2. Cut the circle out of the paper with scissors. Now you have a template!
  3. Lay the template on an area of your lawn where you’ll have plenty of room for the game.
  4. Use a can of spray paint to paint six circles in a row with one color.
  5. Repeat step 4 with each color of spray paint until you have a total of four rows with six circles each.
Now that you have your Twister board, just grab a spinner and get started!

Bowling Alley

Love bowling? Why bowl indoors when it’s nice outside? A backyard bowling alley is a great alternative to your local alley!

A DIY bowling alley can be as simple or ornate as you like. You can use old plastic soda or water bottles and paint them to look like pins, then just grab a ball and start bowling in the grass. Or you could use wood to make a real bowling lane, which will take a little more time and effort. No matter which option you go with, you and your guests will have a “ball.”


Channel your inner wordsmith with a DIY scrabble game! Tiles from your board game could get lost in the grass, so leave it in the house and opt for larger tiles that you can make yourself. Just cut out squares from cardboard boxes or use pieces of lauan plywood, which is lightweight enough that anyone can easily carry them. Then paint some letters on them and start playing.

Fall Garden Décor

Now that fall is here, it’s time to get the fall decorations out of storage!

It’s always fun to add new decorations to the garden, so here’s a few ideas to try:
  • Get some fake fall leaves from the craft store (or use leaves from your trees) and glue them to a few mason jars. Then just add a votive candle to each one and voila—romantic outdoor lighting!
  • Get a few bales of hay from your local ranch supply store and top them with fall foliage and/or pumpkins. You can also use them for seating around your fire pit.
  • Decorate fake pumpkins using trendy new styles: geometric designs, Tiffany inspired color, or even nail polish marbled pumpkins.

DIY Pumpkin Planters

This trend is all over Pinterest: DIY pumpkin planters! They’re a great way to give container plants a home, plus they’re simple to make. You can use fake or real pumpkins, or mix it up by using a combination of the two!

For fake pumpkins, keep potted plants in their container. You’ll have to take them out and transplant them into a regular container after the season is over.

If you want to use real pumpkins and transplant your edibles or fall flowers into them, follow these steps.

Contemporary Outdoor Seating

Upgrade your outdoor seating arrangements with one of these trends:
  • Indoor/outdoor blended seating—chairs, loveseats, and tables that look like they belong inside, but are made for the patio, are all the rage right now. This furniture is made to withstand harsh conditions should a random rainstorm make its way through the valley this season (which is unlikely now that monsoon season is over).
  • Outdoor dining tables—large enough to seat around eight people, larger tables that can hold family and friends, plus all the dinner dishes, are a must for fall get-togethers.
  • Multiple seating options—in addition to the seating arrangements above, offer guests bar seating for a different view of your backyard.
Make your backyard an inviting place to kick back, relax, and enjoy a fabulous meal for the cool months ahead with comfortable seating options everyone will enjoy.

Fun Pool Lighting

Swimming season may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore the pool! Decorate the pool with fun lighting to give your backyard a little pizzazz.

Throwing a Halloween party? Buy some different colored jack-o-lantern buckets and LED tealights, place the lights in the buckets, and let them float in the pool! After Halloween is over, light up the pool with solar-powered floating pool lights.

Once the pool is lit up, just add a few strands of outdoor string lights around the patio and your yard will be ready for outdoor entertaining, or relaxing nights with the family. Your backyard will look beautiful and feel serene during cool autumn nights.

Fall into the autumn season with these five fun, festive ideas for your backyard!