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5 Simple Landscaping Privacy Solutions

5-simple-backyard-privacy-solutionsPicture this: you’re lying down relaxing. You’re outside and can feel the warm touch of the sun gently kissing your skin. You’re enjoying a nice book while sipping on your favorite beverage. You take a break from reading for a bit and let your eyes close gently. You’re letting yourself take a nap, knowing that you’ve already checked everything off your list of to-dos. You’re comfortable, content, and happy.

Then, out of nowhere, you hear the abrupt noises of your next-door neighbor. Maybe it’s a dog barking, a car alarm going off, a child screaming for their mother, or your pestering neighbor commenting on how nice your yard has been looking lately. Whatever it may be, it ruined the peaceful ambiance of your backyard sanctuary.

In one way or another, we’ve all been in this situation before and know just how frustrating it can be. It’s not like you don’t enjoy the company of others or dislike the sense of community, it’s just that sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the peace and quiet of your own backyard without having to worry about loud noises or wandering eyes. We totally get this. In fact, this is why we’ve dedicated an entire article to discussing practical solutions to your backyard privacy problems.

Follow along as we share five solutions to keep wandering eyes and noise pollution out of your backyard.
  1. Bush walls
  2. Layered landscaping walls
  3. Fountains
  4. Gazebos
  5. Fences
What are you waiting for? Finally get the peace and quiet you deserve.

1. Bush walls

The first suggestion we’re giving is a fairly popular one—a bush wall. This landscaping privacy solution is simple, practical, and easy to install. Plus, it’s aesthetically pleasing as it surrounds your home with lush and green scenery.

As an example, check out how Encino Landscape Design Project implemented a bush wall into a lovely Mediterranean-style home. This bush wall surrounds the entrance of the home, serving multiple purposes including blocking out both noise and wandering eyes, as well as giving the home a clean and modern look.

Encino Landscape Design Project

2. Layered landscaping walls

If you’re looking for a landscaping privacy solution that’s a little more out of the box than usual, then a layered landscaping wall is right for you. This solution takes the classic idea of a landscaping wall and puts a modern twist on it by layering the greenery.

To accomplish this look, you’ll need to install several staggered layers against the wall of your choice. These layers will be your base for your greenery. To help you envision this project, take a look at how Shades of Green Landscaping Architecture implemented this idea. They used plants that included a wide range of different colors, textures, and styles. This plant variety works to create an effortlessly modern and seamlessly private space.

Grass Terraces

3. Fountains

Our next landscaping privacy solution is to incorporate a fountain into your back, or front, yard. There are several reason as to why we recommend fountains as an appropriate solution. First, a fountain will complement the serene and peaceful ambiance that you’re trying to accomplish within your outdoor space. The second, is that fountains complement almost any exterior design. Meaning, that no matter what look your backyard embodies, whether it be modern, vintage, or rustic, a fountain will blend in seamlessly. And finally third, and most important, the sounds of a fountain will help dilute any outside noise you’re experiencing.

For inspiration on this project, take a look at the image below. It’s designed by Troy Rhone Garden Design and features a beautiful fountain surrounded by an abundance of greenery.

Lead fountain

4. Gazebos

Another great privacy solution for your outdoor space is a gazebo. Although a gazebo can’t protect your entire yard from loud noises or wandering eyes, it does give you at least a small area that will feel private and serene.

Take the below image as an example. Platinum Landscape & Pools designed an enchanting gazebo that’s perfect for relaxing and getting some peace and quiet. To mimic this look, we recommend installing a rigid and natural-looking exterior stone, like a stone style out of our Rustica collection.

Provo River Estate

5. Fences

Our last recommendation for keeping exterior sound and wandering eyes out of your yard includes installing a fence. We know, we know. This sounds like an obvious solution. But, before you give us an eye roll and move on to the next article, give this recommendation a chance. Contrary to popular belief, there are many ways to put a unique spin on this classic installation.

The first is to install an out-of-the-ordinary wooden fence. Take the below image, designed by Fordellis, LLC, for example. Instead of the classic wood fence you’re used to seeing, they put a modern twist on it by installing a fence that has a similar design as a wood pallet.

Ridge Oak remodel

Next, pull inspiration from Decker Bullock Sotheby’s International Realty. They installed a one-of-a-kind fence that feels open and airy. But, when it comes time to gain some privacy, this fence allows you to grow vines and greenery within the open areas of the fence in order to achieve a quaint ambiance.

Santa Barbara Living in Marin County California

This next outdoor fence, designed by Nature’s Realm, puts a fun twist on a classic fence. It incorporates iron fencing, wood fencing, and planter boxes to create an elegant look.

Braeswood Place Pool and Courtyard

And finally, as our last distinctive fence design, we recommend doing something completely unique, like the following image. Designed by Revive Landscape Design, this fence incorporates a chalk board, which will give your outdoor space a fun ambiance and give your children an excuse to be creative and get outdoors.

Contemporary Craftsman, Pt. Loma

Next steps

Don’t let your outdoor space be polluted by exterior noises or pestering neighbors. Instead, free yourself from these disturbances by implementing one or more of our landscape privacy solutions.

For more inspiration, tips, or product details on landscaping solutions or any other interior or exterior projects, feel free to contact us. At Imperial Wholesale, we’re happy to be your one-stop shop for any and all of your home remodeling needs.