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5 Striking Spa and Pool Designs

5 Striking Spa and Pool Designs 5 Striking Spa and Pool Designs
Arizona’s weather allows us to enjoy the outdoors for most of the year. Because of the great weather and a large community of residents who love the outdoors, it is essential that homes are equipped with a spacious and luxurious backyard that contains a pool, a spa, or both.

Arizonans like to lounge in the water to cool off during the summer to watch the stars and warm up in the winter. Pools and spas have become focal points in the backyards of most homes, so it is imperative that you have a high quality pool that is both luxurious and that fits your needs when it comes to day-to-day relaxation and entertaining throughout the year.

These five design ideas are guaranteed make your pool or spa the jaw-dropping centerpiece of your yard. Try just one, or combine a few to create the custom pool that fits your needs.

1. Mosaics
2. Waterfalls
3. Luxury stone deck
4. Swim-up bar
5. Infinity edge


Turn your pool or spa into a work of art by incorporating mosaics into the design. Use small colored tiles to brighten up your pool’s bottom or to create a beautiful picture on the bottom of your pool. Mosaics can make your pool look like a thriving coral reef, with splashes of bright color against a deep blue background. Some choose to install mosaic sea life throughout their pool bottoms to create the illusion of swimming with mermaids, dolphins, or sea turtles.

The possibilities are endless with mosaics--they give you the freedom to create anything you envision. Few homeowners choose to use mosaic in their pools, so choosing this design path will make your pool stand out.


Waterfalls come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, making them a perfect fit for any pool design. They are a great way to add drama and height to your pool. Large, natural boulders create a rustic look and a roaring waterfall. Sleek, polished stone creates a luxurious feel and makes for a glassy-looking stream of water.

If you have both a pool and a spa, a waterfall is a great way to connect the two to create a pool area that flows together nicely. A waterfall that runs from the spa to the pool can also act as a diving board for the kids. Your pool will soon be the site of all neighborhood cannonball contests for many summers to come!

Beneath your waterfall, you can create a grotto area with extra seating for a more secluded getaway. A waterfall of any size and style will take your pool or spa to the next level.

Stone pool deck

Using natural stone to surround your pool can help you achieve the atmosphere you want in your outdoor space. Whether you want your yard to be luxurious or rustic, natural or regal, quality stone can get you there.

Flagstone, travertine, and granite are some of the most popular materials used for pool deck. Each type of stone has its own unique qualities that make it a match for luxury pool design.


Flagstone has a rich, earth tone to it that makes it blend beautifully with Arizona’s desert landscape. Additionally, it has a non-slip surface, so flagstone is a great choice for families with children who will be using the pool frequently. Flagstone comes in all shapes and sizes, which makes your pool area one-of-a-kind.


Since ancient times, travertine has had a reputation for being durable and beautiful. In addition to its beauty, travertine is a safe option for pool decking. It absorbs water quickly, making the pool area virtually slip-free. Travertine comes in both tumbled and polished styles. Depending on what you are trying to achieve in your pool design, travertine can pull together an opulent look or a natural, more antique aesthetic.


Granite is one of the hardest natural stones, which is why pool designers often use it for projects that need to stand the test of time. This stone can stand up to anything the elements bring throughout the year. Granite also holds a shine and repels water, making it a great choice for outdoor designs. Granite can be used for both elegant and natural pool designs.

Swim-up Bar

Give your home the feel of a luxury resort by installing a swim-up bar. A swim-up bar is perfect for entertaining, since it easily brings together those who love the water and those who prefer to stay on dry land. Create a bar with two seats, four seats, or bench seating to accommodate as many people as you like.

Once you have your seating in the water, it is essential to have an outdoor bar area equipped with summer party essentials. A spacious countertop with a small refrigerator, a sink, and a grill will really pull your bar area together. This area can be made out of the same luxury stone that your pool deck is made of, keeping the luxurious feel throughout your outdoor space.

Infinity edge

Also known as a negative edge pool, infinity edge pools are often found in luxurious resorts and exotic estates. If your home has a great view, this style of pool is the perfect way to showcase it. An infinity edge gives your pool the illusion that the water is extending to the horizon, and can give your home the feel of a tropical oasis.

An infinity edge creates an opportunity for a dramatic waterfall as well. Create a multi-level pool with an infinity edge that dumps water into a shallower bathing area, or give your spa an infinity edge that doubles as a glassy waterfall. Design opportunities abound with this luxurious design option.

The perfect pool will pull your yard together into a cohesive outdoor space. If you are looking to take your pool or spa to the next level of luxury, you have found the right place. Imperial Elite can make your outdoor design dreams a reality! Take a look at the Imperial Elite Inspiration Gallery for more pool design ideas and inspiration.