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5 Uses for Leftover Stone and Wood Flooring

5 Uses for Leftover Stone and Wood Flooring 5 Uses for Leftover Stone and Wood Flooring

Your bathroom is remodeled, floors are done, and backsplash glimmers from the newly installed glass tiles. Your remodel is complete and your home looks amazing. Yet, you still find yourself starring at leftover stone and wood.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, you might be wondering “What now?” You’ve already been inspired, selected the perfect designs, and paid hard-earned money for your product—you don’t want to throw away all your materials.

Fortunately, you don’t have to, or have to let it collect dust in the back of your garage. Because when it comes to extra materials, there are several ways you can reuse your leftover tile or stone.

Our top five ways to make use of your leftover stone and wood include:
  1. Creating accent walls in unexpected places
  2. Adding curb appeal to your front yard
  3. Building your own furniture
  4. Revitalizing your bathroom
  5. Making household embellishments
So what are you waiting for? Let’s spice up your home and dive into some of these projects.

1. Creating accent walls in unexpected places

When you think of accent walls, you might immediately think of painting projects or laying out wallpaper. These projects create stunning, elegant pops of color in an otherwise bland and flat room. And while these are great projects, sometimes it’s better to think outside of the box. By getting creative and using your leftover material, you can put a spin on an accented wall by using your leftover wood or stone.

Wooden accent walls

Wood can add a rustic look to any room in your house. For example, you can create stunning, unique accent walls out of wood planks you may have left over from your flooring project. Taking on this project can make a bathroom look warm and inviting, or tie a rustic theme into your living room. You can also implement a wood accent wall somewhere unexpected, such as a laundry room, to give even the most mundane of chores a little life.

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If you decide to install a wooden accent wall, we recommend using vinyl or laminate flooring anywhere there will be moisture. Humidity in bathrooms and laundry rooms, as well as grease from cooking in the kitchen, could break down the integrity of hardwood planks.

Stone accent walls

You can also use stone for accent walls. By bringing in the leftover stone panels you have from your projects, you can create a surprisingly elegant look in your home. Create a stone wall in your dining room, living room, bedroom, or even your fireplace. No matter what location or look you’re going for, this project will make use of your extra materials and transform the look of home.

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For more details on what stone fits your home's decor, check out our selections below:
  • For a posh, elegant look, we recommend a lighter shade of stone, such as White Oak.
  • For a darker color theme, consider Glacial Black.
  • For an edgier, more modern look, you may want to use our Brown Wave 3D panels.

2. Adding curb appeal to your front yard

It’s all about the complete package. So instead of keeping your plain mailbox, try turning it into a column mailbox, built with your leftover stone. This look is achieved by stacking stones or bricks to surround your mailbox. The end product looks like a “shelter” for your mailbox, which sits right inside of the stone column. To build a stone column for your mailbox, you’ll need to purchase cinderblocks. We also recommend setting aside some time to get this job done. With a little elbow grease, it should take you about half a day to complete.

Yorba Linda Stacked Stone Mailbox

If you’ve built your mailbox and still have leftover material, try adding a planter box alongside of your mailbox. This will help add some personality to your front yard. For the perfect planter box, we suggest using any of our ledger panels or our thin stone veneers. And for step-by-step instructions, we recommend turning to the DIY Network.

3. Building your own furniture

Another use for your leftover stone and wood is to build your own furniture. For stone, this works especially well if you have slab remnants from a countertop remodel. Using these remnants, you can create cart-style coffee tables, end tables, or benches from these leftovers. You can also make a desk or a dining table that matches perfectly with your countertops.

For this project, feel free to mix your leftover materials for an even more eclectic feel. Blend your wood, stone, and any other remains to bring your furniture to life.

4. Revitalizing your bathroom

If you have leftover stone that you used to update the exterior of your home, why not bring it inside to your bathroom? Bringing your exterior stone into your bathroom can give the room a unique and modern feel. For example, you can put in a stone bathtub, install a stone or brick backsplash, or create fresh new cabinets out of your leftover wood.

Rustic Stone Wall Bathroom

Depending on the colors you choose to use in the bathroom, we suggest using the following products:

5. Making household embellishments

If you’ve completed all your major projects, and notice there’s still room for improvement, it’s time to put some finishing touches on your home.

Read on to learn how to add the following to your renovation:
  • Knobs and pulls
  • Wall hangings
  • Wall clocks

Knobs and pulls

Your extra stones or pebbles can be transformed into knobs or pulls. This project can add a cohesive look to your cabinets or drawers. One of the best things about this project is that it’s easy, inexpensive, and easily replaceable if you get tired of the look.

To master this project, check out My Rustic Home for easy-to-do instructions.

Wall hangings

Wood is a great medium for painting and crafting. Take advantage of this and create wall hangings and signs out of your leftover wood scraps. These simple wood projects will add a classic look to your home.

However, if you’re looking for a more abstract project, try making a wall hanging exclusively out of scrap wood. This will bring a modern and unique look into your home.

Wall clocks

Another unique idea for putting your wood to use is to turn your leftover material into a wall clock. For this project, you can either construct your own clock from scratch or buy a clock kit for a more polished look. For inspiration, check out this rustic clock. It’s a gorgeous wall-feature option and a convenient one if you have leftover Hickory Natural wood planks.

Your next steps

There you have it. Five easy and creative ways to reuse your scrap materials. And remember, if you need help with the bigger projects or getting the design down pat, our experts at Imperial Wholesale are always available to help. Contact us to see what we can do for you.