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5 Ways to Survive Your Home Renovation

5 ways to survive your home renovation A few tips to that will make renovating your home much less stressful.
Renovating your home can be an exciting and fun new project. You can envision in your mind exactly what your newly remodeled kitchen or bathroom will look like, and it puts a big smile on your face. The only problem is, there are a few major speed bumps standing between you and that big smile: months of living in a construction zone and thousands of dollars flying out of your bank account, just to name a few.

It’s no secret that renovating even a small section of your home can be a nightmarish experience. There are usually a lot of unanticipated setbacks that come along with a remodel, and half way through the process, you find yourself wondering whether or not this project was worth the sacrifice.

Even though renovations can be difficult on your family and cause inconveniences that you aren’t used to, it is possible to make this process more enjoyable.

Five simple ways to survive your home renovation include:
• Execute renovations in small doses
• Hope for the best, but manage your expectations
• Communicate with your contractors
• Don’t let the stress get the best of you
• Try and have some fun

1. Execute renovations in small doses

The idea of re-doing any part of your home is always exciting, and can essentially be like giving yourself a brand new home. If you have the money and time to put into it, it is very easy to get carried away with the remodel and process. You may find yourself starting off with a small project, only to find a few months later that you’ve continued to add on more and more projects to the list. Many people have the mentality of “let’s get it all over with at once,” and then quickly realize they have over-committed.

Even when you are only remodeling one small room or portion of your house, it can quickly become a major inconvenience in no time.

Prioritize your projects

Instead of trying to get everything done at once, make a list that prioritizes which parts of your home are most important for you to upgrade. Start with re-doing your hall bathroom, then give yourself a few months or a year to move on to the next project of upgrading your appliances. Once you have decided you are ready for the next step after that, move on to replacing your kitchen counters and cabinets.

If you approach your home renovation in small portions, you take a lot of stress off of yourself. This approach also allows you to have time to change your mind about things. If you try and do a large renovation all at once, you may decide that you don’t like the tile flooring or the countertop you picked out. Worst of all, you might realize that you really don’t like your contractor.

By breaking up renovation projects into more manageable portions, you allow yourself time to really think things through, do some research, and choose the right contractor.

2. Hope for the best, but manage your expectations

The age old saying when it comes to home renovations is that it will take twice the estimated time, and end up being twice the estimated cost. Even though your project may not double in time and cost, it is a rare occasion when everything gets done on time and under budget.

It is best for your sanity if you do not anticipate that everything will go along without a hitch. Expect some setbacks to occur. There will likely be wiring or structural issues that a contractor finds that will cause you to reconsider some aspects of your project.

Some of these hiccups might be minor bumps, and some of them will cause you to change everything you had planned. But one way or another, there will always be inconveniences along the way.

3. Communicate with your contractors

Finding the right contractor for the job is a major aspect of making any home renovation process easier. If you are able to find someone that is trustworthy, reliable and gets the job done right, you have hit the jackpot. But even with great contractors, it is still good to maintain constant communication with them.

Do not let this concept of communication allow you to think that you should micromanage your contractor, because that will drive you over the edge faster than anything else. Trust that your contractor knows what they are doing, but make an effort to play an active role in the process as well.

Sometimes wrong parts get ordered, or an appliance gets installed in the wrong place. It is always good to keep tabs on things and understand that with your contractor, items can get lost in the shuffle. Realizing a mistake while it is happening instead of finding out at the very end can save you from a major headache.

4. Don’t let the stress get the best of you

Many people allow the renovation process to consume them. They are constantly fighting with the contractor, worrying about the end result and trying to control every step of the process. By doing this, you are inevitably setting yourself up for disaster.

Even though it is difficult not to let a construction zone in your home get the best of you, it is a necessity in order to make it through the remodeling process in one piece.

5. Try and have some fun

Instead of using your home renovation as an excuse to be grumpy and annoyed, use it as an excuse to have fun! If you’re renovating your kitchen, have weekly dinners that are made over a fire in your backyard, or go to a new restaurant every week that you’ve been meaning to try.

If your bedroom is being renovated, set up camp in the backyard on the weekends or use it as a chance to take a weekend getaway to a place you’ve never been before.

Being at home during a renovation usually isn’t very fun, so use it as an opportunity to get out of the house more often and do all of those things that you’ve been meaning to try.

Making it worth the sacrifice

Like so many other inconveniences that occur in life, it’s crucial to maintain a good attitude and always keep the desired goal in mind. Remain positive, and try to see the bright side of things, and you will be able to keep your head on straight throughout a very stressful transformation.

For more tips on surviving your home renovation, take a look at what Better Homes and Gardens suggests, and remember to always know that through the sacrifices, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.