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5 Ways to Transition Your Backyard from Summer to Winter

Though eating popsicles by your pool may no longer be an option as winter arrives here in Arizona, this does not mean that your backyard should be neglected. Wintertime in Phoenix is a wonderful season to enjoy your backyard with great weather and pleasurable company. To ensure that your home and yard are equipped for these holiday occasions, we have provided 5 ways to transform your backyard.

1. Built in Fire Pit

What is a winter night without s’mores by the fire? Fire pits are great for gathering and keeping people warm. A huge addition without too much complication, a built-in fire pit may be the perfect new project for you as winter comes around the corner. You can take a look at how to get started with this tutorial from the DIY Network:

2. Backyard Seating

If you’re wary of having a fire pit in your yard for the entire year, maybe additional seating is a better solution for you. This seating can easily be transitioned from summer barbeques to winter gatherings, and to add warmth a portable fire pit could work wonders! Consider adding seating above or below ground level to add depth to your backyard.

3. Add some colorful pillows

The harsh summer sun is gone for this season, and that means you can bring out some color and pizazz to your backyard. Enjoy this winter weather by adding to your yard without worrying about harmful sun damaging your brightly colored pillows. This is an easy change that won’t take days or lots of money, but it will make a huge difference!

If you want to go the extra mile with your pillows, cushions, etc., a great idea is to create an outdoor movie theater. Cozy up together with your friends and family and enjoy Arizona’s amazing winter weather while watching some movie classics. A great way to do this is to get a projector and simply project the movie onto a plain wall in your backyard. Lacing that perfect wall? Draping a sheet over a wall or purchasing a screen for your projector are both two options that will leave your entire family happy.

4. Protect your patios with curtains

Most homes in Arizona have a nice patio area to provide shade from the sun. Rather than using unattractive patio furniture coverings for protection, install outdoor curtains to your patios. This way you can add to the atmosphere of your yard and protect your furniture and pillows by simply tying off the curtains when the occasional storm rolls in.

5. Winter grass or artificial grass?

For many Arizonans, the new season approaching means one thing: winter grass. If you’re debating whether to go through the whole winter grass over seeding, bird infestation, and watering ordeal, then consider artificial grass . It is much less maintenance and a great look for your backyard. You can visit our gallery here to see how artificial grass may look in your backyard.

Still not sold? Take a look at our article “Lower Your Energy Bill with Artificial Grass” to learn how your energy bill can be lowered by installing artificial grass in place of real grass. Imperial Wholesale hopes that you have a wonderful winter season and that your backyard will provide a comfortable atmosphere for these memories. Happy transitioning and enjoy this wonderful weather!