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7 Man Cave Essentials for March Madness

7-Man-Cave-Essentials-for-March-Madness 7 Man Cave Essentials for March Madness7 Man Cave Essentials for March Madness
March is here and for some, this is the saddest yet most exciting time of the year. College basketball season is ending—but first, the biggest competition has to take place. That’s right, it's the beginning of March Madness!

This means staying home in front of the TV trying not to miss a single shot. If this is the case, we have one serious question: is your man cave ready for all the action?

Here are seven essentials your man cave needs in order to survive March Madness:
  1. Extra TVs
  2. Comfy Couch
  3. Stocked mini fridge
  4. Food
  5. TV tray
  6. Microwave
  7. Pop-a-Shot basketball hoop

Extra TVs

This may just be the most important item needed for your perfect man cave. You most likely already have one TV installed, because let’s be honest—it wouldn’t be a real man cave without one! However, in times like these where multiple games will be playing, multiple TVs are a must-have.

At a minimum your man cave should have at least two TVs, especially for March Madness. To keep this affordable, you can add a smaller TV to complement the TV that you already have.  If you have more than two TVs, you are the real MVP!

Comfy couch

Obviously, a comfy couch is an essential for a man cave. You need a place to sit that’s comfortable for the length of a basketball game, or more specifically the length of 67 basketball games, since that’s how many you will be watching during March Madness.

If you plan on watching the basketball games alone, then a comfy recliner with a cup holder is your best option. However, if you prefer having a group of friends over so you all can yell at the referees (even though you know they can’t hear you though the TV), then you are going to want a bigger couch—or even both a recliner and a couch.

Stocked mini fridge

A man cave is not complete without a refrigerator. No matter how lazy your wife thinks you are, walking to the kitchen for a nice cold beverage is not the way to go. Feel free to install a full size refrigerator. But if you have space constraints, then a mini fridge will do just fine.

If you go with a mini fridge, then you must make sure to have a cabinet full of extra beverages to replenish your stock when you take out a drink.  Be sure to put the warm beverages in the back and the cold beverages up front, that way a warm one is not grabbed the next time someone goes to get a drink.

Having to run to the store in between games because you did not stock up beforehand will be grounds for a technical foul.


To survive the stress of March Madness, food is an essential. All food categories must be covered including:
  • Snacks— these should be something simple and small to keep your guests satisfied before the main course, or between meals. Snacks can include beer nuts, popcorn, chips, or even vegetables with some type of dip.
  • Main meals—finger foods are a game day favorite when it comes to main courses. Stick to something easy that you can make for a large crowd such as nachos, sliders, pizza, chicken wings, etc. and that’s easy to eat with one hand. If you plan on ordering from a local restaurant try to order as far in advance as you can to ensure that the food’s ready to be delivered or picked up in time for the game.
  • Desserts—have something sweet and easy to grab for your guests. Try decorating brownies or cookies by making them basketball themed. You can even make basketball cake balls if you want to get a little more creative.

  • Frugal Coupon Living has a collection of recipes that are sure to be a slam dunk. They have everything from Bacon Jalapeno Cheese Balls to Root Beer Pulled Pork Sandwiches! Make sure to set up a long table to lay out your spread for the day.

    TV tray

    At first, TV tray might not be that big of a deal to most people. But when you feel that rush of adrenaline going because your team has the ball and scores a winning buzzer beater, you’ll be glad you have a place to set your cup and plate down before you start jumping for joy.

    If your man cave is missing a TV tray you should check your local stores or order one as soon as possible. If you are looking to make an investment in your man cave then this set of five manly TV trays from Target is what you’ll want to order. If you want something cheap and simple then this single TV tray from Target is right for you.


    A microwave might seem a little weird when thinking of a normal living room, but a man cave is not an ordinary living room! Think back to when we talked about all those delicious snacks and meals you’re supposed to prepare. Have you thought about what you are going to do if something gets cold in the middle of a game?

    Not only is a microwave good to reheat your burgers, but it is necessary to make the ultimate sports-viewing snack: popcorn.

    Just another friendly reminder: leaving the man cave during a basketball game is a technical foul, so there will be no going to the microwave in the kitchen!

    Pop-a-Shot basketball hoop

    We understand that March Madness is a very stressful time for most basketball lovers. What better way to work off the nervous energy than shooting your own hoops? On commercial breaks you can even have a shooting competition or play H-O-R-S-E with your fellow basketball fans, right inside the comfort of your own man cave.

    Don’t know how to play H-O-R-S-E?  Here are the rules:
    1. Decide who will go first.
    2. First player chooses a shot.
      • If the first player makes the shot then the second player must repeat that same shot. If the second player misses, they receive an “H”.
      • If the first player misses the shot then the second player makes up their own shot.
    3. Repeat until one player misses five shots and receives five letters that spell out the word H-O-R-S-E.
    There are a couple different types of Pop-a-Shot Basketball Hoops you can purchase for your man cave. If you have a lot of extra space then this Pop-A-Shot Single Basketball Hoop is the one for you. If space is limited in your man cave, then check out this Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop.

    Man caves are important for the whole March Madness experience. Make sure yours is filled with all of these seven essentials!

    And if you’d like to get your man cave in top shape for spring, summer, or any time of the year, then stop by Imperial Wholesale in Phoenix or Mesa today. We’ll help you pick out the carpet, tile, backsplash, or countertops you need to upgrade your space!