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Artificial Grass 101: The Grass of the Future

Artificial grass has come a long way over the past few years. Gone are the days where people wrongfully envision miniature golf courses as soon as they hear the words " artificial grass ". Due to its dramatic increase in popularity, artificial grass can easily and frequently be seen in front and backyards all throughout the state.

Artificial grass is the perfect pet and kid friendly alternative for any home. The average American home owner spends more than 40 hours a year on lawn care in Phoenix, which most of us don’t have time for. Cut down on those hours of caring for your lawn and opt for a beautiful and low-maintenance option for your home.

Is this real grass?

Artificial grass looks and feels like real grass, without the required maintenance. Imperial lawn costs and increases property value. Installing artificial grass can save you up to 70% on your water bill, saving you time and money for many years to come. The consistency of artificial grass also makes appealing option for homeowners, as it stays green and beautiful year round. Even under heavy traffic, Imperial Wholesale’s artificial grass will never be flattened or, matted down. The beauty, low-maintenance, durability and money saving benefits make imperial Wholesale’s artificial grass a top choice for many homeowners. There is a multitude of reasons to have

artificial grass

installed in your home’s front and backyards, including:
  • Aesthetics – No matter how much time, love, care and water you put into your grass, it will never look as good as

    artificial grass

    does year round. Artificial grass looks perfectly green and perfectly mowed every day of the year, no matter what!
  • Ease – Lawns can be a real hassle. They require lots of time that is typically spent watering, over-seeding, pulling weeds, trimming and cutting. With artificial grass, there is no need for any of that, saving you lots of time that can be spent elsewhere.
  • Money – Think of artificial grass as an investment. You install once and then never have to pay another dime to keep it alive. Homeowners can expect to save a large amount of money on their water bill, which will decrease dramatically by not having to water the lawn.
Not only will you save time and money by choosing

artificial grass for your lawn

, you will also

save water

, which in turn helps save the planet. Because artificial grass is just that, artificial, it can be constructed to fit any size and shape lawn you can think of. Say goodbye to money-gobbling, water-wasting and curb-appeal-damaging lawns and hello to artificial grass that will keep your yard in tip-top shape, all year long!