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Balusters 101: An Introductory Guide

A baluster is defined as a short pillar or column in a series which supports a rail or coping. The most common places to see balusters used are within a staircase or as part of a decorative wall. The balusters are the shorter vertical columns that make up the middle sections of these handrails.

Where can I use balusters?

Balusters can be used inside your home as part of your staircase, or outside of your home as part of a decorative wall or handrail. At Imperial Wholesale, we offer varying styles, sizes and shapes of balusters, allowing you to choose the perfect style for your home.

Balusters are perfect for any homeowner who is looking to remodel their home. If you have a staircase anywhere in your home, either inside to take you from one floor to the other, or outside to account for a sloping yard, balusters will be necessary. Not only do balusters support the handrails of a staircase, they also add an aesthetic element to your home or yard that may have been otherwise lacking.

No matter what style home you may have, a decorative wall or unique staircase with detailed balusters will add a unique sense of design and style that will leave all of your guests with design envy!