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Why Choose Tile For Your Home?

Whether you are remodeling, renovating or just looking for a fun new way to add an exciting element to your home, look no further than tile! But first, let’s address why you should use tile and help you decide why it is the best option.

Tile is a great way to add style to any room in your home. Not only will tile spice up the aesthetics of your house but it can also create diversity.

Do you love different architectural styles and designs from all around the world? By using tile you can create culturally inspired themed rooms giving your home the feeling of being in various cultures and locations around the world.

Do you have a dream home in your mind or a style that you love? Whatever your décor cravings may be, tile can fulfill them! By the end of this article, you will know what steps to take to achieve your dream décor.

In addition to being stylish, tile is a great option for a family friendly environment. Tile is long lasting and high quality. If you are worried about messes and spills, tile is just about the easiest surface to clean up! All you need is a quick sweep and mop and your tile will be sparkling like new. This is a foolproof way to keep your home clean for anyone who has kids whose activities tend to be on the messy side!

Where Should You Use Tile?

The possibilities for the locations where you can use tile are endless. In addition to flooring, tile also makes for great countertops, backsplashes, showers walls and pools.

Here in Arizona, we experience beautiful weather just about all year long. By using tile in your pool and on your patio space, you will be able to maximize the potential for your water oasis. Tile is a great way to make any standard concrete pool far less boring and ideal for entertaining!

How Does Tile Make Your Home Look?

You may still be asking, “But what does tile actually do for my home compared to other options”? We’re glad you asked! Tile is sustainable, high-end, looks in-style (whichever style that may be that you’re keeping in mind!), it is trendy and gives a finished look. Alternative options to flooring, are harder to keep looking high-end and finished as they tend to scuff, scrape and show damage much more easily.

Tile can easily help accomplish the upscale, top of the line look you are aiming for in any part of your home. By mixing and matching colors, materials and patterns you will be able to create a beautifully unique look that will compliment any style and last as long as you desire!


Thinking of going modern? Try a sleek design with neutral colors. Go for fresh white and slate colors. Your tiled area will look clean, fresh and chic by just making subtle color changes. By using crisp and fresh looking colors you will be able to achieve the most up-scale look for your home.


Maybe you’re looking to go the traditional route with a timeless design. The possibilities for this look are endless! Try a classic mosaic that compliments any home or season. Looking for something even more classic? How about a natural stone tile or an elegant checkered print.


If modern or traditional looks aren’t quite your style, something southwestern may be just for you! Arizona is home to beautiful southwestern architecture and design, with colors and earth tones influencing alluring style all throughout the valley.

A southwestern look is the perfect accent to your outdoor area and pool. Using tile with an earthy tone combined with a beautiful deep turquoise will create a vibrant and fun space perfect for entertaining during the hot Arizona months.

Shabby Chic

Looking for a way to create a cozy space in your favorite room? Using a shabby chic design will help create this exact feeling. By using a variety of light-colored mosaics you can accent any room by adding throw rugs and floral accents to create a warm and welcoming feel.

You can also warm up the whole room by using pretty pastel paints that perfectly compliment your chosen tile design. By going for a shabby chic look you can mix and match a variety of leftover tiles you may have around from a previous project for a fun, friendly and funky look.


If your home is newer and you are looking to keep that new home allure and appeal, a contemporary tile look may be just right for you. Contemporary tile looks clean and sophisticated, which is perfect for your first home!

Try using darker colors with unique cutting-edge designs that will make your home look sleek. This style of tile is perfect for entertaining. Whether it be a few friends over for cocktails or co-workers, your contemporary tile will be an elegant jaw-dropper and your guests will be wanting to come over again very soon!


Last but not least, another favorite option is vintage tile. Vintage tile (vintage anything, really) is a timeless classic that will compliment just about any home wonderfully.

Using vintage tile is an ideal way for you to get creative. Tiles can range from a multitude of colors and designs. Any style from the past will go great across your whole home or in any specific room that you desire. When using a select period tile, you have the freedom to mix classic colors and designs to create the perfect fit for your home.

DIY Projects

Another great thing about tile is the endless possibilities you can create on your own. There are tons of DIY ideas flooding the internet. By ‘doing-it-yourself’ you will reach the ultimate level of creativity and uniqueness.

You can create fun backsplashes, alternative flooring and fun mosaics all to your avail! Doing it yourself is fun and simple. You can easily make the process a family friendly event by having everyone choose their favorite tile, design and color.

Looking to do it yourself? Check out some great DIY ideas for the widest variety of options and styles. Once you’ve picked out your tile make sure to do your research to ensure you have all the right tools and materials for a successful project!

Adding Tile to Your Home

Still having trouble deciding what the right style of tile is for you? Here are 15 great ideas that will further help you get started on your tile journey!

Be sure to visit our site and check out additional ideas for your home, galleries and selections.

Good luck and happy tiling!