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Columns 101: Their Place in a Home

columns-101 Columns 101
Columns can take any room from simple and ordinary to well-designed and extraordinary.

Decorative columns are becoming increasingly popular among many homeowners all over the country. Columns are viewed as an easy way to give a room that big wow factor, without making any serious architectural or structural changes- and with our large selection of styles, you should have no problem finding the perfect style for your home!

Columns come in a wide array of sizes, heights, widths, shapes and styles. They can be used indoors or outdoors and help add style and design to unexpected places. Nothing says drama quite like walking into a neighbor’s home and seeing the architectural details of columns encompassing the foyer.

Where to use columns?

The great part about columns is that they can be installed and used in just about any room in the house, or patio for that matter. Because they are decorative, they can go just about anywhere they will fit.

Some of the more common rooms for columns to be used in include:
  • Foyer
  • Dining Room
  • Living Room
  • Family Room
  • In between two rooms
  • Outdoor Patio
Columns can be placed up against walls or in open spaces, depending on the homeowner’s specific design preferences, and they will transform a room in ways you could’ve never imagined!

Ledger Panels & Columns

If you are looking to add luxury to your outdoor living space, ledger panels and columns are a great addition to your home. Used mostly for outdoor purposes, ledger stones add a necessary finish to walls and columns by turning standard walls into beautiful and luxurious walls.

Ledger stones are flat, horizontal slabs of stone that are placed on a wall, column or fireplace. Ledger panels and columns usually consist of mixed stone types, colors and shapes to give varied and unique stone displays. Bring the beauty and variety of natural stone to your home! Whether it is for indoor or outdoor purposes, ledger panels and columns are a perfect way to add charm and luxury to your home.

Take the next step

View our vast selection of ledger stone in Mesa in our showroom. Speak with our designers to find the perfect combination of ledger stones for your home, and let us help you with the installation process as well! For ledger panels, columns and stone installation in Phoenix look no further than Imperial Wholesale!