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Copper Kitchen Sinks

Copper Kitchen Sink Copper sinks are recognized for their historic image and everlasting beauty. What many fail to realize are the numerous benefits that come from such a vintage and unique metal. More people today are investing in this popular home improvement, adding ornamental value to their home. You will find everything you need to know about copper sinks, including exactly you get when investing in a copper sink for your kitchen.

Benefits of Copper Sinks

If copper sinks don’t have you at the rich color they provide, some of the unrecognized benefits may pull you in. Take a look at some of the advantages a copper sink has to offer and learn why stainless steel and porcelain sinks are becoming less of a hit within the kitchen space. Some benefits might surprise you, leaving you with less work for yourself to do in the kitchen.


Copper’s shiny, glorious effect can make what may seem like a minimal change, a vast difference in your kitchen space. While you may think of one specific color when the term copper comes to mind, this metal is offered in a variety of styles and shades. Throughout the use of your copper sink, you will experience a subtle change in shades of brown. Some styles of copper sinks are handmade artisan pieces, giving you a unique look fitted just for your home. Sizes also range in copper sinks, from a large double sink intended for your kitchen to a basic standard sink for your bathroom. The popularity of copper is on the rise, making it a great feature for any home. Copper creates a custom look for its owners and can serve as an exclusive focal point for any kitchen décor. With such a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs, a copper sink can accentuate your kitchen.


Copper sinks are naturally antimicrobial and 100% recyclable. Kitchens are known for their high amounts of bacteria and are a breeding ground for germs. Although this may seem like more of the effects of a bathroom, the kitchen harbors more germs than any other room. The excessive use of the same sponge, cutting board, or dirty sink can spread germs through an entire household. Copper sinks are great for helping relieve this sanitation issue in your kitchen because they stop the spread of germs. Bacteria survive on copper for only a matter of hours, rather than the week long periods other sinks, such as stainless still and porcelain, contain. Not only do copper sinks avoid bacteria, but they kill any germs that come in contact with the sink. It works as its own surface cleaner, making your duties in the kitchen less of a burden.

No Rust

You might think that with time, copper will begin to rust, leaving discoloration and corrosion throughout the the sink. Patina is a key element in the design of copper sinks, which is the change in color that occurs when exposed to different substances. This can include coming in contact with abrasive cleaners, hot dishware, and water. Many purchase a patina color, intended to accentuate the color of their kitchen. While sometimes the color scheme does not go as planned, this can simply be altered by using the appropriate liquids exposed to the sink. This option is very useful for customers who want the kitchen sink to match a particular paint color or design element. While most copper sinks are easy to find in a variety of shades of brown, many find the soft greenish color harder to find but is worth its antique appearance. If you find a change in color that may seem unexpected, always remember that it is not rust that may be occurring, but is a natural cycle of copper.


A copper sink can never be damaged through normal daily use or common cleaners. The patina or lacquer that is used to give the sink its color is what’s vulnerable to particular substances. If you find yourself using foods high in acidity, remember to run hot water continuously throughout use. This avoids any wear and tear that might occur from coming in contact with the finishing of your copper sink. Although copper sinks are a self-cleaner when it comes to killing bacteria, it is always recommended to clean your sink on a regular basis.  Avoid using abrasive cleaners to maintain a clean sink. Using warm water and a mild soap is preferred when cleaning. Hard water is also an issue when cleaning your sink, causing mineral deposits and spotting. This can be easily avoided by waxing your sink until you notice a protected film over the sink, which tends to bead up water when coming in contact with the wax. While waxing your sink is a great way to avoid spotting, it also helps retain shine and appeal, and who doesn’t love that?

Copper Sink Buying Tips

1. Copper Gauge (Thickness): All copper sinks measure their durability by gauges. The lower the gauge, the less durable it will be, and the less weight it can hold. An average copper kitchen sink ranges from 18 to 14 gauge. A thicker gauge may seem more expensive but can well be worth the cost in the long run.

2. Patina included: This lowers the amount of time you have to wait for a patina to develop.

3. Do your research: Though copper can be expensive, it can provide a long list of benefits for your kitchen and your home. Take your time and shop for the perfect sink to enhance your kitchen space. Explore your options!

4. Ask a professional: Any big decision in life may need some questions answered beforehand. Ask a professional what you may need help with when investing in a copper sink. Speak to a representative to discover different factors that come with purchasing the sink of your dreams by calling Imperial Wholesale at 480-986-6900.