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Create a Natural Stone Outdoor Oasis

You’ve heard of spring cleaning but have you ever considered spring remodeling? Although spring may have just begun, those rising Arizona temperatures will soon make any outdoor remodeling project seem unbearable. If you’ve been thinking of updating your outdoor spaces, now is the time to do so. Natural stone is easily the most elegant and sturdy material for all your outdoor needs. It is quickly becoming the most desirable outdoor building material because its long-lasting and distinctive properties add value to homes. Whether you’re renovating your driveway, outdoor kitchen or pool surrounds, natural stone pavers are the best option to create a unique and finished look. Imperial Wholesale has a variety of natural stones pavers to suit any project. They also carry their pavers in a range of sizes so you can customize your stone however you see fit.

Here are the 4 best uses for natural stone pavers and the top stones for those spaces.

1. Polish up your pool If you’re trying to get your pool summer-ready, consider adding some new natural stone pool coping or pavers. Imperial Wholesale has over 50 different styles of pavers and coping to fit any look. Travertine pavers are a smart choice for pools because they reflect heat, remaining cool to keep your feet from burning on a hot summer day. They are also slip resistant, which is a plus if you have children who love to run around with wet feet after a day in the pool. Travertine comes in a range of warm hues, which works well with rustic-style décor. Imperial Wholesale also carries travertine pavers in different textures, such as chipped or tumbled, so you can create your own unique natural stone pool deck. If you’re looking for something a little flashier, marble is your best choice for an elegant pool deck. Marble looks amazing in the sunlight, highlighting the intricate veining that makes each piece of marble unique. Imperial Wholesale’s Tundra Grey Mable Pavers, which start at $5.99 per square foot, is a top choice for outdoor marble pavers. This stone has a rich yet consistent texture that will expand the appearance of your pool deck. Marble made specifically for outdoor areas is textured, meaning it’s a no-slip material. You can be sure it isn’t the slippery, polished marble made for countertops. Imperial’s selection of honed, brushed, chipped or tumbled marble gives you a wide range of textures for your pool deck. Like most marble, marble pavers need to be sealed regularly, but with a little bit of upkeep, your pool deck with be an elegant oasis for all to enjoy.

2. Pave the way for a new driveway Do you have a dull, old concrete driveway that you’re dying to update? Concrete is one of the least visually appealing materials, reducing your curb appeal. It also can’t be patched up, meaning you need to replace the entire slab. If it’s time for an update, slate is perfect natural stone to freshen up your driveway. Because slate needs to be installed on top of sturdy, flat surfaces like concrete or plywood, you can simply add it on top of your existing driveway. Slate pavers are available in a multitude of colors, which means you can customize your driveway to fit your style. It’s also extremely durable and requires little maintenance, perfect for such a heavily trafficked area. Plus, you can expand this look to your existing walkways to keep a sleek and consistent look throughout your outdoor space. This combination of style and strength makes slate a top choice for driveways. Another great option for driveways or walkways is sandstone. Made from sand as the name suggests, this stone is best known for its natural, earthy tones, which can create a seamless blend between the surrounding landscape and your home. It’s an easy stone to carve and it’s also pretty common, meaning you won’t struggle to find it on the market. Sandstone stands up well to constant traffic, and it’s also weather resistant. It’s a gorgeous material that can be expanded throughout your home, so if you’ve got some leftover stone, consider placing them around your garden or creating a backyard pathway to your pool or patio. To maintain the stone’s naturally light colors, you need to seal it regularly, especially to protect against any unwanted motor oil that might drip onto the surface. With proper care, you’ll have a gorgeous, durable driveway for years to come.

3. Accent your space Your outdoor space doesn’t have to be strictly functional – decorate your patio with an accent wall or sitting wall. You’ve probably seen this done most commonly with ledger panels, which are pieces of stone that form together like puzzle pieces to create a detailed, layered stone wall. These are still a great option for accentuating any exterior wall and you can find a wide selection at Imperial Wholesale. However, for a distinctive and elegant look, consider marble pavers. Marble is a porous stone, which means it needs regular sealing. If you want the gorgeous look of marble with less maintenance, raising it up above the ground as an accent wall might be your best option. By keeping your marble away from wet feet, you can expand the life of it. You also create a gorgeous and eye-catching outdoor backdrop that will instantly upgrade your space. Limestone is another great option for accent walls. Limestone is a popular building material that has been in use as far back as the great pyramids of Egypt. Therefore, its durability and ease of use has withstood the test of time. This natural stone is highly resistant to corrosion because of its compact nature, making it a great option for areas with more extreme weather. It also comes in a variety of colors. Plus, its rugged texture will give off a rustic look, well suited for homes with a Mediterranean vibe. Limestone’s silky texture means it is one of the softest natural stones, which makes it a stylish and comfortable option for sitting walls.  Limestone pavers are a beautiful, weather-proof way to accent your outdoor space.

4. Outdoor Cooking Natural stone outdoor kitchens are stunning and look great surrounding stainless steel appliances. Stones that work well for this are sandstone and limestone. Sandstone is an earthy stone that can give your kitchen a natural look. The mix of sand and sediment that form sandstone results in a rich texture, sure to create an outdoor focal point. It’s one of the least demanding stones to cut, so it will be easy to wrap around your outdoor countertop. Its natural feel means it blends in well to its surroundings, perfect if you want to extend it all the way down to your patio. Stone patio pavers can be a gorgeous extension of your outdoor kitchen. Sandstone is a no-slip stone so if you choose to go this route, you can be sure your patio pavers are a safe option. It stands up well to heat, water and wind, as long as you seal your stone. This will also help prevent stains from setting in, which is very important in an outdoor cooking space. Limestone is another popular choice for outdoor spaces because it stands up well to the elements. It’s best known for its distinctive white and tan colors. A light stone like limestone pairs well with darker furniture, creating an earthy-toned canvas to display your furniture. It works well with classic and modern styles, meaning it’s a timeless piece. Be careful with acidic food and drinks around this stone because they can damage it. Whether you’re just looking to spruce up your grill station, or the entire kitchen, natural stones like sandstone and limestone will work well with any project and any style.


Beat that summer heat by getting a head start on your outdoor projects. Imperial Wholesale can help you search for the perfect pavers for your outdoor needs, whether that be travertine, slate, sandstone, marble or limestone. On top of their large inventory of natural stone pavers, you can also find pool tile and ledger panels to add to your outdoor wish list. Stop into Imperial Wholesale’s Mesa location or give them a call at (480) 986-6900 to start designing your dream backyard with premium quality natural stone. No matter if you’re adding walkways pavers or redoing your pool, natural stone pavers are the way to go to instantly improve your outdoor space.

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