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Current Trends Around the World: Ireland

Around-the-World-Ireland Current Trends Around the World: Ireland
To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this month, we’re taking a trip to the Emerald Isle. Perhaps you’ve visited the green island recently to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and medieval architecture. Or maybe you haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit, but you dream of living in an Irish castle. In either case, you’re in luck!

Imperial Wholesale’s Elite Service can help you recreate any trend from around the world in your own home—even styles from as far away as Ireland. Whether it’s one of the many different stone designs found in cottages around the country side, or a design used in a room of the Ashford castle which you got to stay in (and from which you left feeling inspired!), there’s no project too hard for us.

Read on to learn about Irish architecture and get inspired for your next home project.

Attractions in Ireland

Ireland is home to a variety of unique stones, each one characterized by a long history. More than half of Ireland’s rock foundation is made up of limestone—the rest is granite, slate, and even marble. Tourists flock to the Emerald Isle to see hundreds of different stone structures around the island, most of which date back to the medieval times.

Take a drive through the vast countryside and you’ll come across castle ruins, ancient monasteries, round towers, stone circles, standing stones, and much more. Stop and visit one of these stone sites and you’ll understand why locals say “stones don’t talk, but they tell stories.

If venturing to one of these different stone sites leaves you wanting a little more inspiration, then visiting one of these popular tourist destinations will really get your wheels turning:

Kylemore Abbey

kylemore-abbey-ireland A visit to Kylemore Abbey alone is enough to get your imagination going. Kylemore Abbey was originally built as a castle for a wealthy Irish family. Granite stone from Dalkey (a suburb of Dublin) and limestone from Ballinasloe, Ireland, were used to create the castle’s incredible façade. In 1920, the castle became a Benedictine monastery.

Kylemore Abbey has some of the finest colored marble flooring in all of the Emerald Isle. And if you’re looking to integrate a piece of romantic architecture into your living room or study, then you might want to recreate the Abbey’s intricately detailed marble fireplace.

Step outside of the Abbey and you’ll encounter the famous Walled Victorian Garden. This is no ordinary garden! Spanning six acres and featuring everything from flowers to food crops to a natural mountain stream, one could spend a day or two taking in the award-winning landscape. The walls of the garden are made of vintage brick, carefully restored over the years.

Imagine stepping outside your home into your own version of the Walled Victorian Garden in Ireland…the smell of fresh flowers, herbs, and cut grass tickling your nose. If you’d like to transport to your own gorgeous Irish landscape by simply walking out your back door, then you need Imperial Elite. With our Capella brick and access to unique natural stone, your dream will be made reality.

Blarney Castle

Want the luck of the Irish in your home? Then you should consider incorporating your very own Blarney Stone! The Blarney Stone is a block of limestone located in the highly popular Blarney Castle in Cork, Ireland. As the legend goes, a person who kisses the stone will immediately receive the “gift of gab.”

Creating your own version of this lucky piece of architecture is easy. Just say the word and the experts at Imperial Elite will find the perfect piece of limestone from the Emerald Isle and fabricate it to your specifications. Whether you want columns to complement your backyard patio or your front porch, or stone siding to make your home look like an Irish castle or a personalized statue, there’s no limit to what we can do.

If you decide to create your own version of the Blarney Stone, just remember: to receive the gift of gab, you have to be upside down when kissing the stone!

Ashford Castle

If you’re looking for ideas to really turn your home into a gorgeous Irish castle, look no further than the Ashford Castle. This medieval castle—the oldest one in the country—became a five-star hotel after the Irish government acquired it in 1939. Since then it’s been a popular choice for nobility, politicians, and actors.

Hotel guests enjoy breathtaking views of a nearby lake and river, as well as 350 acres of private estate and gardens. And the view is amazing inside the castle, too.

Every room in the castle has grand designs, including:
  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Crystal chandeliers
  • Wood paneled walls
  • Ornate fireplaces—some are marble, others are a combination of steel/stone cherry woodwork
  • Murals created by renowned artists
  • Doors framed in oak with bronze detailing (handcrafted by local artisans)
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Custom designed carpet
  • Antique furniture
If you dream of living in a castle, we can help you make that dream a reality! Make your neighbors green with envy with your lush green landscape (complete with a fountain), stone pathways, and limestone siding straight from Ireland. Recite Irish blessings from your dining room, surrounded by cherry wood paneled walls, castle-worthy mosaics gracing the floors, and a Victorian marble fireplace to set the tone for a royal dinner.

Of course, you don’t have to end there. We’ll help you turn your bathroom into a palace with crystal chandeliers, marble sinks and pillars, breathtaking backsplashes, and if you’re so inclined, underfloor heating. Five-star service from the beginning to the end of your project is guaranteed!

Irish Textured Stone

Texture is a characteristic of much of the stone found in Ireland. Thanks to hundreds and thousands of years of wear and tear, stone from Ireland has developed the rich texture that many people love. And—if you so desire—textured stone straight from the Emerald Isle can make its home in your home this year.

Here are just a few ideas for incorporating natural-textured stone in your next home remodel project:
  • Countertops
  • Backsplashes
  • Indoor/Outdoor tile
  • Walkways and driveways
  • Home siding (accent walls or gates)
  • Pool siding
  • Waterfalls and statues
  • Balusters
  • Pillars
Irish eyes will be smiling when they lay eyes on any textured stone feature around your house. Plus, adding stone to one or more of the above features will instantly add value to your home. Whether you decide to remain king or queen of your castle, or move on to another kingdom, you’ll gain tremendous value from your projects with Imperial Wholesale’s Elite Service.

Next Steps

Now that you have plenty of inspiration for incorporating stone designs from Ireland into your home, it’s time to plan your project. Imperial Elite will help you execute each step of your Irish-inspired home remodel project. Every material and design you desire will be expertly procured, and finished to your exact specifications.

As already mentioned, nothing is too hard for us. We travel to the ends of the earth, often to find the most obscure stone pieces you can imagine, just for our clients. Don’t wait any longer to transform your home into your own Irish castle—contact us to