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How to Design the Perfect Pool for Your Home

Perfectly Lit Dream Pool Perfectly Lit Dream Pool
Living in Arizona means that we can always expect a hot summer that comes to zap the life out of us. However, the best tool for fighting off the summer heat is to take a refreshing swim in your dream pool. But do you know how to design your dream pool? No worries, here at Imperial Wholesale, we want to make your summer as enjoyable as possible by helping you learn the different options available when it comes to designing your own pool. Imperial Wholesale has many of the items and materials you will need when building your dream pool, from pool coping to tiles and more.

Pool Shapes

Although there are endless shapes that you could design your pool, there are a few shapes that are the most common, each fitting a role for how you want to use your pool. The most common shapes for a pool are rectangle, L-shape, kidney, oval and free form.


A rectangular pool is perfect for exercise and swimming laps on a regular basis. By having a straight line to swim along, swimming laps and getting in your aerobic exercise in the water is much easier. A rectangular pool is certainly a purpose built pool, while also giving you the ability to have a shallow depth and letting you play games and sports in the water. It is a more formal design for a pool due to its rigid lines.


The L-shape pool is another family friendly option when it comes to your dream pool. Having an L-shape breaks the pool into two separate areas and can accommodate two different depths, for adults and for children. This also allows for a deep end and a shallow end in which you can still enjoy sports and activities in the water. In addition to this, the L-shaped pool leaves the option for swimming laps in a straight line towards the straight edges of the pool.


The kidney shaped pool is among the most versatile styles of pool shapes when it comes to customizing your pool to fit into the space you have. Named for looking like a kidney or kidney bean, it can be customized to bend in different areas and change in size so it becomes the perfect fit for your backyard. Along with being aesthetically pleasing, the kidney shaped pool can have any depth that you would want for your pool. It can be kept shallow for children or go deeper to allow for safe jumping.


The oval shaped pool is the ideal pool when it comes to families with children who enjoy playing sports and games in the pool. The shape of the oval makes it perfect for these kinds of activities because of the ability for the pool to accommodate different equipment to be used for games. From pool volleyball to Marco Polo, this pool shape will perfectly accommodate any game your kids choose to play.


The free form pool is a great option someone that wants something totally unique to their home. Free spirited lines and non-symmetrical styles highlight some of the common choices when it comes to the free form pool, which can be adapted for any type of activity you plan for in your pool. In addition, the free form pool can organically lead into the landscape that surrounds your pool and can create a perfect transition to your backyard landscaped.

I Have the Shape, Now What?

The next step in designing your pool is to decide on the final touches, including the pool’s surface, deck style, and smaller accessories. This is where your personal touch gets to shine as you choose your lighting, in-pool accessories and whether or not you decide to add a spa or water feature to accent your new dream pool.

Pool Surfaces


Pool tiles offer a customized look in an array of colors, designs, and textures. The customization is in your hands, giving you the ability to have the color and pattern you want, so it will blend seamlessly with the theme of your backyard. Tile requires regular maintenance, but is built to last through the rigors of being on the floor and walls of your pool.


Another type of flooring that is renowned for its durability and its customization ability is the pebble finish. A brilliant combination of beauty and resilience, this pool surface can stand up to almost anything you throw at it! The pebble finish is a combination of pebbles and specially formulated concrete, blended together and sprayed into the basin of the pool and buffed down into a smooth surface. This type of finish provides a comfortable surface on which to walk, while also added a layer of texture to your pool.


The traditional pool surface, concrete, has been one of the most popular choices for a pool finish. Sprayed over the framework of the pool, it is one of the more simple finish options that can be installed in your pool. In addition, concrete gives you the opportunity to add decorative tile along the wall and steps to provide a level of customization to your pool.

What About the Pool Coping?

Pool coping is the first thing your guests will see when they look at your pool (other than the water, of course). Make sure you choose the right style and material for the edges of your pool so that it meshes perfectly with the theme of your backyard. Not only is this blending important for the edging of the pool, but also for the deck that surrounds the pool, which adds character and bridges the gap between the backyard and the water. So, what are the options when it comes to these two important pieces of the dream pool puzzle?

Stone Pool Coping

Stone coping is one of the most traditional choices when it comes to coping for your pool. Stone coping has the flexibility of coming in several color options, many of which we carry at Imperial Wholesale. Stone coping is a strong and durable material that is able to stand up to the frequency of use that it will experience in its lifetime in your dream pool.

Slate Pool Coping

Slate coping combines beautifully with other natural materials and is an excellent choice for pool coping, especially when considering what type of pool deck you will combine with the slate tile. It is available in a variety of colors and sizes for decking applications. Some flaking of slate should be expected after installation, but that will settle over time into a solid and sturdy pool edge. All slate products must be sealed, as it is an absolute MUST to guard against salt wear in salt water pools, as well as water penetration that can affect the durability of the slate.

Flagstone Pool Coping

A popular choice in the Valley of the Sun, flagstone coping can turn your pool into a beautiful display of stone and water. The meshing of flagstone and the pool creates a natural look. Flagstone is often used for pool coping and decking because of its low maintenance and long lifespan, as well as its flexibility.

Finally, Pool Accessories

As you wrap up the nuts and bolts of your pool, from shape to surface type and coping to water type, the fun part of the design begins. Choosing accessories and add-ons to your pool is what will make it truly unique and yours. With the ability to choose a Jacuzzi, a slide, a swim up bar and more, you can make your pool into anything you want. Here are some of our favorite dream pools accessories.

Beach Entry

Beach style entries where there are no steps, but just a gradual decline into the water, featuring flagstone as the entry surface instead of messy sand is a fun and unique element that will make any pool standout.


By adding a bridge over the pool leading to a fire pit where you and your guests can gather while the people in the pool are not excluded from the gathering. Aesthetically pleasing and a picturesque backyard.


Perfect for children, building a slide into the landscape of your pool is a top accessory for your dream pool.

Even though you may not be able to get everything you want in your dream pool, that does not mean that you cannot look to these magnificent pools for inspiration. You can always find ways to make your dream pool exactly what you want, especially if you take charge in the design and make it truly your own.