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How Often to Update Your Backsplash

How-Often-to-Update-Your-Backsplash How Often to Update Your Backsplash
It’s hard to dive into the design process when it comes to a backsplash. If you have dark cabinets, what material will look best with those? Should you use metal, granite, glass, mesh, or tile? Then you have to narrow down your color options from there.

It can be overwhelming because the choice you make is one that you’re going to have to live with for a while. The good news is a backsplash is meant to be long lasting. When properly installed, it can last 20 years or more. The only issue, then, becomes a matter of taste.

Is it time to break up with your backsplash?

It’s normal to want to update your home from time to time. And a backsplash can transform your entire kitchen! Here are a few signs the time has come to part ways with your current backsplash:
  • Other parts of your kitchen have been updated
  • Your kitchen is outdated
  • Damaged tile

Did you recently update your kitchen?

The redecorating bug bites all of us. Maybe you recently installed new cabinets, new counter tops, or new stainless steel appliances that clash with your backsplash. It’s important to evaluate what updates your kitchen needs. If you traded in your white cabinets for a darker wood, your old dark backsplash could be making the kitchen feel too dark.

An easy way to make the space feel more open is to go with a lighter tile option. Every part of the kitchen should complement the others. If the backsplash isn’t meshing with the rest of the room, it may need to be replaced.

Keeping up with the trends

Do you care about having the latest and greatest in clothing, technology, and music? If so, you may also want your home to reflect current styles, too.

Trends come and go, but if your home is going to be stylish you have to be prepared to adjust with those trends. There are countless trends right now—and that’s just for backsplashes! Don’t even get us started on what the latest countertop and cabinet trends are.

Some of the trendier materials right now are wood, reflective mirrors, tin sheets, bright colors, concrete, textured tile, bronze, and chalkboard paint, among others. Take a look at Pinterest and you can find hundreds of different materials that can be used to create a backsplash. With so many options, there is bound to be something that fits your personality!

Just like with fashion, home designs go in and out of style. So if you pick a trendy backsplash, be aware of the financial commitment you’re making to change out your kitchen every two years, rather than every ten.

Accidents happen

The kitchen is a space you’re meant to create in, and the creative process can sometimes include destruction. Mistakes happen, and there are few things that may require you to buy a new backsplash.

Replacing a cracked tile in your backsplash can be a simple fix, especially if you have any leftover tiles from the initial installation. It can be as simple as removing the cracked tile and putting the new one in.

Renovation Tip: look into why your tile cracks. Did it crack because of something you did, or could there be another problem that needs to be resolved? Check before you replace the tile.

Not everyone keeps extra tiles, though. Sometimes they get tossed to the side because you think “when am I ever going to need ten extra pieces of tile?”

Well, the answer is right now!

If that’s you, then you can try to find the matching tile from a store. If you’re lucky, you’ll find it and it’ll be an easy fix. Unfortunately, if you’ve had your current backsplash for ten years or so, it may be difficult to find a perfect match. So your last option is to replace the backsplash.

How do I avoid needing to replace my backsplash?

The good news is there are ways to extend the life of your backsplash. It’s all about planning, staying basic in design, and keeping up with maintenance. Here are a few tips to have a backsplash that you will never fall out of love with!

  • Pick timeless colors
  • Plan your redecoration all at once
  • Keep up with cleaning and maintenance
  • Choose professional installation over DIY

Back to basics

You’re less likely to want to change your backsplash if it’s something timeless and neutral in color. That way, if you decide to change your floors, cabinets, or anything else in the kitchen, you won’t have to worry about the backsplash not matching.

One of the most popular backsplashes pulls inspiration from New York City. Classic white subway tiles with a grey grout will go with just about any style. Not only that, but white will brighten up the entire room. Here at Imperial Wholesale we offer a few different variations of these tiles: White is a safe color to go with, along with other neutral colors such as grey, tan, and black. While red is a fun, trendy color, chances are your eyes are going to get tired of red before they get tired of white.

Plan your renovation all at once

It’s important to keep in mind what you have to work with when going into a big renovation project. You don’t have to change your backsplash if you create a design plan. Coordinate your floor to work with, not against, your backsplash. The same rule applies for any time you’re redecorating. You can save a lot of money when you aren’t surprised by the end result.

Cleaning and maintenance

If you maintain your backsplash, it’s going to look newer and last longer. Different backsplashes require different kinds of care.

If you don’t want to have to buy special cleaners, a glass backsplash may be the best option for you. If you decide to use stone or a different material, you’ll need cleaners specially made to clean delicate surfaces!

DIY vs. professional installation

The installation process can determine how long your backsplash will last. If done properly you’re looking at 20 years. But if done incorrectly, chipping, improper alignment, and various other problems can occur. If you’re a DIY king looking to save a few dollars, taking the installation job into your own hands may be a great option!

If you don’t have a lot of experience, though, it may be best to leave installation to the professionals. Contact us to start planning your renovation today!