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How to Add Style to a Small Half Bathroom

Ah, the dreaded half bath. How to add style and design elements to a space that houses a toilet, sink and not much else? Through the proper use of materials, colors and accessories of course! Small spaces require a bit of manipulation in terms of the materials you choose. Choosing specific materials and products that will give the feel of a larger space are common tricks of the trade that not everyone knows about.


Whether are you are picking floor tiles or wall tiles out, think large. This may sound strange in a small bathroom , but the larger tiles will actually create a more open feel than tiny tiles would. Additionally, if your flooring is anything but square, we suggest installing the flooring so that the long sides of the tile, wood planks, laminate, are lined up with the longest side of the bathroom. This will also help bring the eye all the way to the back of the bathroom, making it look and feel larger than it actually is.


In small spaces, light colors will be your best friends. This applies to most small spaces, especially those with no natural light shining in, such as the majority of all half baths. You may be asking yourself, what colors constitute as “light”? Just about any color comes in a lighter shade. Think light sage green, pale blue, buttery yellow, cool grey or off-whites. All of these colors are light, yet, depending on the rest of your home and the style you are going for can easily complement other spaces.


You have those that over-accessorize in small spaces, and those that are afraid to put a single candle in the space in fear of crowding the already small, half bath. We like to find a happy medium in terms of accessorizing small spaces . Most half baths will have very little surface space. Because of this, think walls. One or two beautiful and simple pieces of wall art can add those final touches to your half bath without making it feel too busy.

Don’t forget about the small space on the back of the toilet. This is an excellent area to add a small plant (real or fake, that’s up to you) and bring some color in.

  Through the proper and strategic use of materials, colors and accessories, your small half bath can be filled with style! Don’t let the size of the space stop you in your designing and decorating tracks. If you aren’t sure where to start with your small bathroom, give us a call. One of our designers will be more than happy to help guide you through the process by offering tips and advice.