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How To Choose a Color Palette for Your Kitchen

Ah, the kitchen; the heart of the home , the room that receives the majority of the homeowner’s attention, time and energy. Chances are, the kitchen is where you and your family will spend most of your time at home, so choosing a color palette that you will see every single day of your life is pretty important! If you choose something too boring, you will indubitably find yourself bored, but if you choose something too bold, you may get burnt out! Bet you didn’t think that choosing a few colors could have such a dramatic impact on your life, did you?

Well we are here to tell you that they can, and they will. When choosing a color palette for your kitchen, keep in mind the main areas that will become the home to your color choices. You have walls, countertops , cabinets, floors and possibly a backsplash.

Instead of us telling you what color palette you should choose for your kitchen, we are going to list out the three most popular and current palettes out there and leave it to you to make the best decision for you, your family and your home.

1. Casually Cream – Going casually cream in your kitchen is always a safe choice. Choose light neutrals for all of your main materials (i.e. floors, walls, counters, cabinets and backsplash). The trick? Don’t choose the same shade of cream for every element – try a light cream tile floor, medium wood tone cabinets, light cream counters, taupe (darker cream) walls and a light mesh-glass tile backsplash (every room needs a little sparkle!)

2. Colors of Nature – When it comes to design, looking to nature is always a good idea. The light blue, green and taupe colors found in nature are extremely popular right now and make for the perfect kitchen color palette. Take the blue of the sky and bring that color onto your walls. Choose a natural wood tone for the cabinets, a sage green backsplash to compliment a light stone grey countertop, all brought together with a lighter hardwood floor.

3. Neutral with a Pop – Neutral with a pop has quickly become one of, if not the most popular, design choices for kitchens. The main decision you have to make is choosing where you are going to bring in that single pop of color. The backsplash, countertops, cabinets or maybe the wall color? Choose neutrals for the majority of your kitchen and then come in strong with a cobalt blue backsplash or warm red cabinet to leave your guests teeming with envy and you more than happy with your decision.

There you have it, the three most popular and on-trend color palettes for kitchens right now. If the thought of choosing colors for your kitchen makes you sweat, stick with one of the three options above and don’t look back. Good luck and happy decorating!