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How to Design Your Backyard for Arizona Weather

Designing a backyard can be a lot of fun, yet, it can also be a lot of headache. At Imperial Wholesale, we have design experts to help guide you through the process of designing the perfect backyard for Arizona weather and picking out the perfect landscaping matierals. We like to keep in mind all of the weather that Arizona has to offer, including the fall, winter and spring months, in addition to our more well-known and not so popular summer months.

Where to start?

Knowing where to start will help ease you through the process. We like to start with the flooring and work our way up. This includes everything on the ground! In Arizona, we tend to use our backyards year round. In summer, we use them for swimming and hanging out by the pool, while during the other three seasons, we use them as outdoor living spaces, an extension of the home. Because there are multiple uses, it is vital to think of the different temperatures and weather patterns that our backyards are likely to endure. They have to be able to handle strong heats, and even freezing temperatures (every once in a while). They need to handle rain, sun, wind, dust and even hail every now and again.


We like to suggest a beautiful and completely natural flagstone flooring to kick-off the backyard. Flagstone is long lasting, versatile and relatively low maintenance.


While not for everyone, artificial grass is a great replacement for real grass. It never dies, stays green forever and does not require water, saving you time and money.


No pool is truly complete without a beautiful and high-quality pool coping. This goes around the edging of the pool, giving it that finishing touch that will tie the entire backyard together.


While sometimes considered a splurge, we like to think of an outdoor fountain as the icing on the cake when it comes to Phoenix backyards. Fountains create an ambience unlike any other, turning your backyard into an oasis providing a beautiful visual as well as a relaxing sound.

These are just a few of the products offered at our two warehouse locations. Following the four suggestions above will help transform your current backyard into a completely luxurious and relaxing space. For more information on our and materials, visit our website here, give us a call, or come in to either of our two Arizona warehouses! We are happy to assist and guide you through the process, whether your project includes a simple replacement of flooring or a complete makeover.