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How to Protect Your Home From an Arizona Dust Storm

arizona dust storm How to Protect Your Home From an Arizona Dust Storm
It’s that time of year again: the weather is hot, the air is dry, and dust storms, haboobs, and monsoons are making their way to the valley. As a whole, dust storms are pretty harmless forms of weather and usually just cause minor inconveniences in our day. These storms make their way through the valley, pass in a matter of 20-30 minutes, and rarely cause serious damage.

Even though you don’t need to sand bag your driveway or board up your windows, there are some steps you can take to ensure no damage is done to your home.

The most common issues homeowners face during a dust storm are fallen trees, debris in the yard, and overturned patio furniture. Serious damage is possible, especially if you don’t see the storm coming. If an umbrella were to come crashing through your kitchen window, it would be enough to make you want to take better precautions the next time a haboob rolls around!

Here are five quick and simple steps you can take to avoid any serious damage during the next dust storm:
  • Trim your trees
  • Be sure your roof is in tip-top shape
  • Close doors and windows
  • Dismantle all umbrellas, tents, or canopies in your yard
  • Safely store patio furniture
By taking the above precautions, dust storms shouldn’t be anything more than a minor inconvenience during your day. You won’t have to deal with any major damage to your home and can go about your day!

Trim Your Trees

The most common issue people face during a storm is tree branches flying around your yard and causing damage to your windows, doors, or even your cars. Even though maintaining your trees is something you should do year-round, ensuring that the branches are trimmed is crucial during monsoon season.

These storms can hit at any minute and usually come without much warning. Instead of risking danger by trying to trim your branches minutes before the storm is about to happen, make it a weekly project to make sure your trees are looking good, and are ready to withstand a storm!

Be Sure Your Roof is in Tip-Top Shape

Dust storms tend to bring a lot of debris into your yard and onto your roof. Whether a tree branch falls on the roof of your home—or plastic patio furniture makes its way up there—it’s best to avoid potential damage by taking care of your roof year-round.

Some simple things you can do to make sure you roof is safe from damage is to make sure you regularly replace your shingles or roof tiles. This is a regular part of home maintenance, but can truly be a lifesaver during a heavy storm.

Make sure no damage has been caused by critters that might be living on top of your house or in your roof area. By taking the time to see if there’s any damage caused by rot, debris, or animals, you immediately eliminate that much stress from your life when a dust storm makes its way to your neighborhood.

Close Doors and Windows

A very simple and common sense solution to avoid damage is to keep doors and windows closed at all times. During this extremely hot time of the year, people regularly make it a point to keep all doors and windows shut and sealed, but always double check before extreme weather hits!

Sometimes children may accidentally leave a door open or someone may have forgotten to close a window. When you know a dust storm is on its way, make the rounds through your house to ensure all points of entry are closed off.

Dismantle Umbrellas, Tents, or Canopies

One item that people tend to forget about during a dust storm is how vulnerable shade items like umbrellas or canopies can be during heavy winds. Many times people will forget to dismantle their umbrellas and end up seeing it fly across the yard during a dust storm!

Items like these can cause serious damage to people and to your property. Since these things are usually heavy and rather large, you wouldn’t want one of these flying towards your window in the middle of a storm.

Instead of leaving your umbrellas propped up all the time, be sure to take it down any time you’re not using it. That way, if you’re away from home when a dust storm hits, you don’t have to worry about them flying around and damaging your home.

This simple tip could save you countless dollars and will give you peace of mind.

Safely Store Patio Furniture

Just like umbrellas, patio tables and chairs can get tossed around during storms. Patio furniture isn’t cheap, and is often very heavy and made of items like metal. If your table were to get swept away during bad weather, it could potentially break and leave broken glass in your yard, and even in your pool.

If you know a dust storm is coming, it’s best to put these items in your garage, or secure them in a place where they won’t get blown away.

Dust storms are so common in Arizona that people who have lived here for long periods of time don’t usually give them much thought. By simply taking the time to take extra precautions, you can limit the chance of something, or someone, getting hurt or damaged during a dust storm.

Accidents can happen when you forget about small details and all of these items are things that can easily be taken care of. Be sure to start implementing these ideas in your home maintenance routine, and create a checklist for your family to have next time there’s a storm warning.

When the storm passes and your home gets through it scot-free, you’ll be glad you did!