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5 Steps for Getting the Most Out of Your Hardwood Samples

how-to-test-hardwood-samplesOftentimes, many of our customers experience difficulties selecting the right flooring for their remodel. Typically, they come into one of our warehouses, see our flooring options, and tend to feel a bit overwhelmed, as there are so many materials to choose from. If you find yourself in a similar situation—don’t worry—you’re not alone. We’re here to help.

Within this article, we’re sharing our top five tips for making the most of your hardwood flooring samples. These tips will come in handy the next time you leave one of our warehouses with samples in hand. Because after reading these tips, you’ll know exactly what to do in order to come to a quick and matter of fact decision.

Say ‘goodbye’ to buyer’s remorse, and say ‘hello’ to brand new, perfectly selected hardwood floors.

1. Have an open mind

Purchasing new floors is a long-term investment, so when it comes to selecting flooring samples, it’s crucial to have an open mind. Begin with a wide range of materials, colors, textures, and brands. That way, you’ll have plenty of options to select from.

In our opinion, it’s better to begin with a wide array of choices and to progressively narrow down your selection. This is more efficient than starting too small and feeling unsatisfied when there are only a few samples remaining.

Although starting with a wide range of flooring options may seem like an easy tip, this suggestion tends to scare some customers. Many times, customers will come in looking for a very specific material, color, and brand of flooring. These customers tend to be afraid of trying new materials and thinking outside the box.

So, rather than getting hung up on one idea, we suggest giving yourself several options. You never know what color, shade, or texture may surprise you.

2. Set the lights

The next tip we have in regards to making the most of your hardwood floor samples is to set up appropriate lighting. This tip is all about testing out different lighting to ensure you’re satisfied with the color, texture, and shade of your samples.

This is an important step because hardwood is made up of natural materials. This means that your wood samples can appear to look a particular way in indoor lighting, look a different way in the sun’s natural light, and also appear to look entirely different on a rainy day. Because of this, make sure to look at your samples in various lighting scenarios to ensure you’re happy before making your final decision.

3. Go barefoot

The best part about coming home from a long day of school, work, or errands is being able to kick off your shoes, get comfortable, and enjoy the ambiance of your home. At Imperial Wholesale, we strongly believe that your home should be a place where you feel completely comfortable—which leads us to our next tip.

Our next tip for testing your hardwood flooring samples is to go barefoot. Or in other words, test out the comfortability of your selected materials without your shoes. To do so, place your samples in the most used rooms throughout your house. After, continue with your day as usual, except be sure to involve the samples within your daily activities. For example, you should stand on a sample while you’re getting ready, doing the dishes, or even dancing in your living room.

This tip will help you get a better understanding for how comfortable your selected samples are, ultimately helping you narrow down your selection.

4. Test for durability

For the most part, hardwood flooring is very durable. In fact, thanks to finishes that are easy to repair, most hardwood flooring in Phoenix can last over 100 years without ever needing to be replaced. However, although durable, there are different materials of hardwood flooring that are more robust than others. This is why we recommend you try before you buy and test your sample materials for durability.

With this, we suggest reenacting typical messes that occur within your home. As an example, if you have children, spill juice on your flooring sample. Or if you frequently have wine night with your friends, test the durability of the flooring by letting some wine get on the material. Whichever mess you choose to recreate, just make sure you’re happy with how the samples absorb, clean, and potentially stain after the spill.

5. Coordinate your colors

Finally, the last tip that we have in regards to making the most of your hardwood flooring sample is to coordinate your colors. This means ensuring that the color of your flooring samples match with the paint, style, décor, and furniture of your home.

To match your flooring to each room, we recommend asking yourself the following questions:
  • What colors are your furniture?
  • How will you use the room?
  • How do you want to feel in your space?
  • What is your style?
By asking yourself these types of questions, you’ll be able to get in an appropriate mindset to make a final decision. The answers to these questions will allow you to eliminate potential hardwood flooring options that don’t coincide with your ideal interior décor plan.

Your next steps

After you’ve kept an open mind and selected a wide range of samples, observed the color in different lighting scenarios, tested for comfortability and durability, and coordinated your colors, you should feel confident in making your flooring decision.

However, if you’ve walked through these tips and still feel confused or overwhelmed about your upcoming decision, we recommend getting a second opinion. At Imperial Wholesale, our customer service representatives are always here to help. If you’re still not confident in your hardwood flooring selections, come to us and we’ll assist you in making a decision you’ll feel confident in for many years to come.