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How to Turn Marble Slabs into Elegant Home Accents

Marble slabsMarble is a luxurious stone, world-renowned for its sleek, premium aesthetic and wide variety of polished, earthy tones. Marble is timeless, durable, and adds an air of sophistication to any space. While marble is commonly used for flooring and countertops, the stone can also be used throughout the home to add a touch of elegance in every room.

Marble 101: Important terms to know

When it comes to purchasing marble slabs or planning to use marble in a project, there are a few key terms you should know. Knowing these terms will help you make an informed purchase decision. It may also help you form a clear idea of what your slab will look like and how it will fit into the plans you have for your home.

Veins and veining

Veins are the long lines of color that cover natural stones such as marble. Veins form as a result of minerals interacting with the original limestone before it’s mined. Veining is often highly sought after due to its striking look, and slabs with particularly intricate veining can carry a higher price tag. At Imperial Wholesale, many of our marble slabs display veining, including our Arabescato Carrara slabs.


Vein-cut stones are cut against the vein, so that the veins appear as long lines. This type of cut showcases layers of compressed sediment within the slab. Our Volakas marble slab is an example of a slab that features a vein-cut.


Cross-cut stones are cut with the vein at a 90-degree angle, so the veins appear as swirls rather than long lines. This type of cut results in a mixture of dark and light shades throughout the slab. Our Calcata Turkish marble slabs have the swirling design that is common in cross-cut slabs.

Ways to use marble in your home

Now that you know the basics of marble, you can start planning how to utilize this versatile stone in your home. From bathtubs to tabletops, there are endless ways to incorporate marble into your personal style. For each of these accent ideas, we’ve provided design ideas and inspiration to help you visualize how each piece could look in your home.


For a luxurious bathtub, there’s no better choice than marble. A marble bathtub can turn any bathroom into a spa-like retreat, making it the perfect place for a moment of rest and relaxation.

The bathtub pictured above is made of a marble slab with dark, elegant cross-cut veining. The white marble coupled with the bathroom’s light accents creates a clean, modern space.

This free-standing marble tub features an intricate carving around the outside. The unpolished, historic look of the stone fits right in with the vintage feel of the bathroom.

Accent wall

When used for an accent wall, marble provides a hint of elegance. A marble accent wall is a great way to add an eye-catching design element to your home that will be sure to get your visitors talking.

This marble accent wall adds a premium feel to the outdoor space. The wall is uniquely laid out so both sides mirror each other, creating a symmetrical pattern.

In this living room, a marble accent wall is used to call attention to the focal point of the room, which helps complement the entertainment center.  


To add marble to your kitchen without investing in marble countertops, consider a marble backsplash. Whether your kitchen is modern, traditional, or somewhere in between, a marble backsplash can fit in with a variety of styles and aesthetics.

This Carrara marble backsplash brightens up the kitchen, helping bounce light off of the stainless-steel appliances and granite countertops.


A marble coffee table, end table, or dining table makes a striking statement in any home. When used for a tabletop, marble can complement matching countertops or stand alone as the room’s center design element.

In this living room space, the marble coffee table with a light wood base serves as an elegant centerpiece.

For a formal dining room that’s fit for any occasion, marble is the ideal choice. This white marble tabletop features blue veining, coordinating perfectly with the surrounding chairs.


Marble columns add a classic ambiance to any space. If you’re looking for a Greco-Roman feel, there’s no better way to invoke the feeling of historic decadence than with a marble column.

In this design, marble columns are used in contrast with the warm brown tones of the cabinets and countertops. This contrast keeps the space warm and inviting, without compromising the natural beauty of the marble.

The Mediterranean ambiance of this home’s entryway is enhanced with marble columns, which mark the separation between the hallway and the sunk-in living room.

Preserving marble

If you decide to use marble in your home, it’s important to keep the stone well preserved and well maintained. Because marble is a porous stone, the best thing you can do is seal it. Sealing marble is essential if the stone is being used in an area where it may be exposed to spills and stains, such as a tabletop or a kitchen backsplash. Sealing marble will keep stains from setting in and ruining the stone. If you do spill something on the stone, be sure to wipe it up immediately—especially if it’s an acidic substance such as wine, soda, or coffee as these products can dull the marble’s finish. Household cleaners that contain ingredients such as ammonia, bleach, or vinegar should not be used on marble as they can damage the stone. The best way to clean marble is with warm water and a soft cloth. If you need a deeper clean, a small amount of dish soap can be used.

Next steps

Whether you’re sold on marble for your next project, or want assistance with finding the right stone, we’re here to help. Our Imperial Elite service is your source for all the finer things in life. Our specialists can provide you with uniquely sourced stones and materials in every color, texture, shape, and size you need to complete your project. With design, fabrication, and installation services included, we’ll help you bring your masterpiece to life. Contact us today to take the first steps towards adding a touch of luxury to your home.