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Imperial Elite: Custom European Luxury for Your Home

Custom European Luxury for Your Home Custom European Luxury for Your Home
Small DIY projects are great for when you have spare time on the weekend and you’re simply looking to add a bit of freshness into your home or backyard. But if you are looking for a major upgrade to your home or you want to transform your backyard into the gardens of Versailles, you’ll need more than your basic DIY tools.

Projects that morph the average into the pristine are done by professionals, rather than by you and your family. So if you are looking to make the ultimate additions or upgrades to your home, Imperial Elite is just what you’re looking for.

So what will it be? Do you want to turn your home into a Venetian villa or perhaps a French chateau? Whatever your heart desires, we can accomplish it for you. With the finest stone imported from around the world, you can truly say that your home is a piece of historical architecture.

To assist you in deciding what upgrades would suit your home the best, we have presented all of the possibilities for projects that Imperial Elite can provide. Whether you want one or all of them, take a moment to envision what your home could become with stone that embodies elegance and poise.

Products that Imperial Elite can provide to give your home a stunning new look include:

• Balusters
• Columns
• Patios
• Pool areas
• Mosaics
• Custom stonework

These products simply skim the surface of what Imperial Elite can do for your home, so instead of allowing these options to limit you, allow them to inspire you to create something more unique and personal.


Simple, white wooden balusters are not for the elite taste. When we say that we can give your home beautiful new balusters, we mean that we can handcraft stone from Turkey or China to perfectly fit into your stone fencing, stone staircases, or patio. These balusters are not just there for functionality; they are there as a statement piece to grandly welcome all those who enter your home.

These balusters will be made uniquely for you with whatever stone you can possibly imagine. Just think, the stone used to make royal palaces could be sitting right in your front yard.


Nothing makes more of a statement than stone columns. Stone columns were used to erect the Parthenon, the pantheon and ancient temples around the world, but now they can be transported right to your front doors. You can have custom marble columns surrounding the entryway of your home, making people feel as if they are on the doorstep of royalty. Or you can surround your backyard with granite columns that rival the beauty of the Amalfi Coast. Regardless of where you choose to erect these works of art in your home, they will make a statement of beauty an artistry that will last through the ages.


Instead of taking a trip to the Mediterranean, why not create a blissful escape right in your own yard? With Imperial Elite, you can make your outdoor area into something that most people have to travel for hours to see. Have a glistening walkway handcrafted from the finest stone and design cascading fountains and waterfalls as unique as those in South America. Create a space that welcomes all of the elites from your city but can also double as a space of serenity for you.

Allow one step outside of your door to transport you to another world.

Pool areas

No cliff diving, sailing, or scuba diving venture could look more beautiful than the serene space that could be your pool, with a little help from Imperial Elite. Get your inspiration for this project from your favorite surfing spot or cruise destination. You could tile the bottom of your pool to mimic the Great Barrier Reef or construct a relaxing space that is even better than your favorite resort or spa. Perhaps you should make the addition of a tasteful outdoor refreshment area that could be anything from a full outdoor kitchen or even a swim-up bar to quench your thirst.

With how much we utilize our pools during those hot Arizona months, why not make your pool area your favorite of the entire house with a few unique upgrades?


Intricate handmade art is the best way to convey elegance and style to everyone who enters your home. With all of the beautiful details—both small and large—that go into creating a handcrafted mosaic, all of your guests will be wondering which famous artist you hired to decorate your home.

With the endless supply of tile and stone we have available at Imperial, we can craft a mosaic to fit any taste or color scheme. Whether you want a small and intimate mosaic to grace your bathroom floors or a large grandiose work of art that is the statement piece of your foyer, we can craft whatever your imagination can create. Take inspiration from historic mosaic works of art or create something that is uniquely your own. You simply can’t go wrong when choosing a mosaic for your home.

Custom Stonework

Aside from all of the projects we have laid out for you, the possibilities are endless when you have magnificent stone from around the globe at your fingertips. Lay the entire front of your home with whatever stone you can dream of or allow us to transform your bathroom into a beautiful spa retreat for you by custom designing a magnificent bathtub or shower. You could even re-do your entire bathroom to be the grandest area in your entire home.

Erect majestic stone fountains in your front yard or lay a marble walkway that leads to the entrance of your home. Why not erect a statue in your yard that captures the spirit of your home of your family? Regardless of what you choose to add to your stunning home, allow us to take it one step further with our materials and architectural expertise.