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Imperial Elite: The Finer Things for Your Home

Imperial Elite: The Finer Things for Your Home Imperial Elite: The Finer Things for Your Home
Imperial Wholesale has been providing high-quality wholesale products and services to upgrade your home for decades. Since 1977, our customers have known us to be a reliable and quality wholesaler and in recent years, people have known us to be one of the largest family-owned distribution centers of quality imported travertine, wood, porcelain, ceramic flooring, glass mesh, stone accents, sinks, fireplaces and more.

With our headquarters located in Mesa, Arizona and our family ties always keeping us true to the Phoenix community, we have made it a priority to make your home look beautiful no matter what it is that you and your family desire.

If you have a taste for the finer things in life and have dreamed of living in a Tuscan villa or an immaculate Turkish temple, Imperial Elite is exactly what you have been looking for. This service is designed to provide custom made luxury for you and your family, bringing the finer things from around the world right into your own home.

What is Imperial Elite?

Imperial Elite is a service offered to our customers’ year-round for various types of projects. We have always been the go-to when you need new flooring in your home or new stonework in your backyard. With Imperial Elite, we are now your go-to when you want to bring the history of Istanbul, for example, into your home.

We take our uniquely sourced stone from around the world and customize it for any home project you can think of, no matter how big or small. Whether you want an elaborate stonescape in your backyard or you want to erect marble columns in your entryway, we have the material and resources to not only execute these projects, but to do them in such a way that you feel like you have been transported to the royal palace of the Ming Dynasty.

What Projects are a part of the Elite Service?

Imperial Elite can be used to construct any project you can think of. If you want a handmade mosaic in your foyer or an entryway that is head-to-toe marble, this service is for you. Other projects Imperial Elite provides you with include:

• Balusters
• Columns
• Patio and pool areas
• Mosaics
• Custom stone work

Whatever your wildest dream of luxury is, we can provide it for you with handmade projects using the finest stone from across the globe.

Where are the Materials for Imperial Elite Sourced from?

Many wholesalers will tell you that they are providing you with custom luxury imported all the way from Italy, when in fact the materials have come from the United States. With Imperial Elite, we guarantee that the materials we use for these projects are sourced, manufactured, and designed from some of the most beautiful places around the world.

Every year, we travel across the globe to Turkey, Italy, Greece, India, China, and Mexico to hand pick the stone that will be used to construct your dream home. We pick the same marble that was used to create the statue of David and the same stone that was used to build the Parthenon. The stone we choose comes with centuries of history and artistry and will give your home the feeling of architecture and design that you have been yearning for.

Instead of providing you with limestone imported from California, we are providing you with stone that has been used to make history.

How the Process Works

Once you decide that Imperial Elite is something you want to implement into your home, you become the project manager. Instead of us dictating the project for you, you can relay your wildest dreams for your home to us and we will custom-make it to fit your exact needs. If you decide to work with a separate project manager, we happily work side by side with them to successfully complete your vision.

If you want your backyard and pool area to look like the rivers of Venice, we will import the exact stone needed to make that happen. If you want the entryway of your home to be as artistically beautiful as the Louvre, we will provide the custom framework to execute the project.

We deliver the materials that you need right to your door and will accommodate any dimensions or special requests that our customers provide. For in-state customers, we happily provide installation of the products as well, if needed.

You are the architect—you control all aspects of the plan and design of your project. We want your home to feel like the custom, luxurious temple that it is and whatever historical or artistic inspiration that you want to incorporate, we will execute.

Why Should I Choose this Service for my Home?

When it comes to improving your home and having it look exactly the way you want it, your options are endless. You can do something as simple as replacing your counter tops or putting in new carpet. However, if you are looking to take it a step further and not just improve your home, but transform it into a work of art, Imperial Elite is the solution.

If you want to find out more about the specific projects we offer with Imperial Elite, feel free to browse the Imperial Elite pages (link once they are launched) and take a look at some of the projects we have done. Once you have seen what Imperial Elite is capable of doing for other people’s homes, we guarantee you will feel confident we can help you transform your home into a masterpiece as well.

If you are looking for inspiration for what to do in your home, we hope that some of our previous projects will inspire you. If you are still in need of ideas, take a look at some of the most beautiful architecture from around the world, because with Imperial Elite there is no limit to the artistry we can bring into your home.