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Interior Stone: A Luxurious Upgrade for Your Home

Interior Stone: a Luxurious Upgrade for Your Home Interior Stone: A Luxurious Upgrade for Your Home
Nothing enhances the architecture and beauty of your home like the addition of natural stone. Any average home can instantly be made to look like an extravagant chateau with the addition of natural stone imported from around the world.

Many people already know that adding stone to the outer parts of your home can catch the eye on anyone passing by your home. But did you know the addition of this masonry can also embellish the interior of your home as well?

Most people underestimate how drastically adding natural stone to the interior of your home can elevate your décor. Simple, structural pieces can become a romantic piece of art. Something as plain and boring as a wall or column can become a whimsical structure by simply adding stone to it.

Imperial Elite specializes in transforming the average into the elite. No structure in your house ever has to be simple or monotonous when you have the option of adding handpicked stone imported from across the globe.

If you are wanting to upgrade the interior of your home and are looking for the most pristine and cutting edge way to do so, we have exactly what you’re looking for. Even though this stonework can be added anywhere in your house, we have researched some of the best and most popular places to implement this design technique.

1. Stone fireplaces
2. Countertops
3. Stone columns
4. Exposed stone walls
5. Backsplash

1. Stone Fire Places

The addition of a fireplace to a bedroom, living room, or foyer instantly takes an ordinary space and transforms it into something beautiful. Elevate the beauty of this home décor staple by covering it in stone, rather than painting the wall behind it a flat, stale color.

Stone fire places remind you of a place more rustic, elegant, and simpler—and this feeling can be brought right into your home. Whether you choose to use brick, granite, marble, or travertine, the addition of stone changes the tone for your entire house.

Take this décor a step further by extending the stone from the base of the fire place, all the way to the ceiling of your room. This long, tall, grandiose addition will grab the attention of anyone who sets foot in your home. With this addition, you will no longer feel like you are simply sitting on your couch and watching TV, you will feel that you have entered a private screening of your favorite show in a Parisian Villa.

2. Countertops

Many homeowners make the transition from plain countertops to something more sophisticated, such as granite. When people make this transition in their home, they often limit themselves to the countertops in their kitchen. Even though the kitchen is the most likely place to have the most counter space, only those with refined taste will know to take this beautiful addition and carry it throughout their home.

What could be more glamorous than having a vanity made entirely out of marble? In fact, why stop there? Embellish your entire bathroom with marble from floor to ceiling. This unique and simple stone will have you feeling like royalty when you get ready in the morning, rather than it feeling like a chore.

3. Stone Columns

Columns are one of the architectural pieces that truly makes a statement. Whether you erect these structures inside or outside of your home, when people see them they immediately feel as if they are in the presence of greatness.

Even though many people immediately think to build their outdoor columns out of stone, most homeowners forget that stone columns can easily be added into their home’s interior as well. Stone columns can be constructed out of any stone you can imagine, whether you want a sophisticated marble or granite columns, or a more rugged travertine or reclaimed stone option. This piece of architecture will be unmatched by any other work of art you include in your home—for years to come.

4. Exposed Stone Walls

One of the most classic and beautiful ways to incorporate stone in the interior of your home is by designing it with exposed stone walls. Many rustic and shabby chic homes or buildings incorporate exposed brick walls, which transports visitors back to older and simpler times.

However, the inclusion of stone on your walls does not have to stop there. If you want to take the project of interior stone one step further, you can include stones like porcelain or marble. Imagine having an entire wall made from the most unique stone imported from across the globe. To say this addition would enhance the artistry of your home would be an understatement. Whether you decide to implement this luxury in your living room, dining room or even your bedroom, it is a simple change that enhances the décor of any room.

5. Backsplash

Whether it be in your kitchen, your bathroom, or in any other place you choose, using stone as a backsplash is a common technique that yields an instant makeover for your house. The options available for your backsplash are endless, and can be as unique as you desire.

You can choose stone that matches the current décor, or you can allow this stone to be the inspiration for the whole design of your house. Porcelain, travertine, ceramic tile, granite, marble, or reclaimed stone will all give your home an alluring feel, and will capture the attention of all your guests.

By adding a backsplash, you not only add another piece of artistry to your home, but you use it to enhance the other aspects of design that already exist in that room. Elevate the ambiance of your countertops with a backsplash or complement your floors with the incorporation of this stone.

Find out how Imperial Elite can enhance the allure of your home with the addition of interior stone. Give us a call to see what we can offer you!