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Laminate Flooring 101: The Perks

Laminate flooring is an excellent alternative to other flooring options that may be more expensive, such as hardwood, tile, or stone.The beauty of wood design at a fraction of the price, laminate flooring in Phoenix is the perfect cost effective alternative to hardwood flooring. The biggest advantage to choosing laminate flooring is that it’s durable and easy to install. Packaged in planks that snap together, laminate flooring is a quick installation in any area of the home such as hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, and family spaces.

What is Laminate Flooring?

The wooden look that laminate flooring possesses is created using a photographic appliqué, which is sealed under a tough protective film, then glued and pressed to a high-density backing board. With the snap together planks, laminate flooring is easy enough for almost any homeowner to install because it does not require the use of glue and nails to be held together. Also, because laminate flooring “floats” rather than being fastened directly to the sub-floor, it can be installed over already existing flooring like wood, tile, linoleum, or vinyl.

Benefits of Laminate

The biggest advantage to laminate flooring is its durability. Laminate flooring has 10 times the strength of most countertops, making it perfect for homes with heavy foot traffic, pets, or kids. With laminate flooring being highly resistant to stains, fading, and moisture, most brands offer a warranty protection of 10-25 years. Laminate flooring is also a better alternative to carpet flooring because it is more hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Price
  • Maintenance
  • Large selection
  • Made to look like hardwood
  • Durability
Laminate is a spectacular alternative to wood floors. It’s available in a variety of finishes and shades, similar to hardwood, but at a fraction of the price. Imperial Wholesale provides materials built-to-last, a fact that our customers have known for over three decades and counting. No more running around and trying to find the best deal or the right material.

At Imperial Wholesale, we offer a wide selection of laminate flooring options that are made to look like real hardwood, without the high costs of a hardwood floor. Ranging from Tiger Maple to Burma Teak, and all colors in between, we have you covered when it comes to laminate flooring meant to look like real wood. Wood floors are something to be coveted – however, with their high costs, they are not always a viable option. That being said, you can still get the beautiful look of real wood with laminate flooring and give your home the same feel that real wood gives. Laminate flooring works in just about any style home, just as hardwood floors do. Whether your home is traditional, modern, contemporary, shabby chic or something else entirely, laminate flooring will definitely compliment your style.

We have it all with the lowest prices on laminate flooring you’ll find anywhere. It’s easy to see why so many people choose Imperial Wholesale for their wood and laminate flooring in Phoenix.