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Learn How to Fix Up Your First House

Fix up your first home with the wide selection of products from Imperial Wholesale. Buying your first home can leave you feeling excited, anxious and exhilarated, all at the same time. You want a house in the ideal location, but one that also includes a beautiful yard, ample living space, a specific number of bathrooms, bright colored walls; the list goes on. While having a good number of these expectations fulfilled is important, having all of your wants achieved for the right price can be hard to come by. That’s why we’re here! We help many first time buyers add their personalized touch to a new home through the use of tile, floor and outdoor landscaping installation. Although you may not initially buy your dream home, that doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into one with the help from Imperial!

Develop Your Dream Home

You are ready to begin your life as a new home owner and are taking on all the responsibilities a first time buyer entails. For such a large investment, you should enjoy every piece of your home, from the flooring to the decorative pieces of artwork on every wall, it’s a place that represents you! No matter which room, we can help add some of the missing features you just can’t live without. Let us help turn your “decent” home into one you have only dreamed of.

Living Room/Bed room

A living room has many uses for homeowners such as, being a place to entertain guests, relax after work, or a formal setting to showcase. No matter what the reason, Imperial can help design this room so that you can enjoy the space exactly how you want to.

If you bought your home with stained carpet or cracked tile, we can both agree it is time for it to go! But where do you go from stains and cracks? Choosing the appropriate type of flooring can help contribute to the functionality of your room by providing comfort or easy maintenance. The importance of proper flooring doesn’t stop at withstanding the hustle and bustle of everyday activities, but has to also retain its desired appearance after keeping up with the pace of its users.

We offer a wide range of flooring options, each with their own benefits for a functioning living room. We have listed just a few of the advantages each flooring options entail, making your big decision on the perfect flooring type that much easier!

  • Comfortable
  • Minimize slips and falls
  • Less expensive
  • Reduces noise level
  • Resistant to water damage
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Long lasting
  • High quality look
  • Easy to clean
  • Long lasting
  • Blocks vibrations
A fireplace is a great way to accentuate your room and add architectural value to your home. If you have purchased a home with a fireplace, displaying gorgeous features and perfect tiling, then you can call yourself one lucky buyer. For those of us not so lucky, fireplaces typically need to be remodeled to truly contribute to the design of your new home. Check out the wide variety of ledger stone we offer so you can outline such a marvelous feature.

Avoid the hassles of resizing your firebox opening for a new fireplace by reading Why Settle? Get an Ez Fit Fireplace for a simple alternative.


If you find yourself hosting more dinner parties in your kitchen than game nights in your living room, upgrading your kitchen could be a higher priority. We offer a variety of products that can turn any average kitchen into one for the culinary chef. While a kitchen should have enough room to hold your party comfortably, a gorgeous looking kitchen that you and your guest love is sure to bring them back for future dinners. Take a look how we can keep your kitchen look bold and beautiful!

Use our interactive design tool to browse all of our available options for countertops, backsplashes, and flooring and design your perfect kitchen!

Choosing the best flooring for your kitchen isn’t the easiest decision a new home owner will have to make, and we get it! While you may want a kitchen floor that matches your walls and countertops, you also want it to display design and class. In addition, you may want to increase the flow of natural light through the use of lighter tile, but at the same time, you do not want the floor to show dirt and food easily. Sounds a bit overwhelming doesn’t it? That’s why we provide a plethora of tile, laminate, or hardwood flooring options to make selecting a kitchen floor less difficult.

We kept things simple and straightforward by listing out a few recommendations for kitchen flooring:
  1. Ceramic Tile
  2. Hardwood
  3. Laminate
Ceramic tile is a popular choice for first time home buyers. It is offered in a variety of styles and textures, giving you the opportunity to really give your kitchen a personalized appearance. You can use the diversity in tiles to add a colorful border or medallion to your floor. It is also popular for its durability, withstanding heavy items that may drop onto its surface such as heavy, expensive cookware.

Hardwood is known for its everlasting beauty and comfortable surface to walk on. If you’re looking for a way to turn your kitchen into a warm, comfortable room while accentuating cabinetry and other flooring throughout your home, hardwood is your answer! If you weren’t aware, hardwood colors range from extremely light browns to deep rich blacks. Maintain your hardwood floors correctly, and they can last a lifetime!

Laminate is a way to capture the look tile and hardwood flooring brings to a room, but for less money. Its versatility allows the laminate to display the same appearance as dozens of other flooring options ranging from wood to natural stone patterns. Installation is easy, which is why many homeowners prefer to do this themselves; finishing an entire room in just one to two days! What makes this flooring option a favorite alongside its affordable price is it’s easy to clean advantages. Laminate is spill resistant and only needs an occasional sweep or vacuum to remove dirt and food.

Backsplash/Wall Tiles
A backsplash is a panel located behind a sink or stove to protect the wall from unintended splashes, typically composed of decorative wall tiles. Although this feature may not be necessary for every homeowner, it is a feature that brings both style and beauty to the kitchen. A feature such as a backsplash that you didn’t initially pay for when buying your new home, can easily add a higher end look at a small expense. Backsplashes offer more than just protection for your kitchen walls. They also:
  • Present a luxurious look
  • Are easy to clean and maintain
  • Add value to the home
  • Have infinite design styles
Be sure to view all the different backsplash tile designs and styles that are available on the Imperial Wholesale website.

To buy the perfect sized kitchen with the flooring, wall color, and countertops you love, at an affordable price, is not so likely for a first time home-buyer. Your countertops are one of the most important features of your kitchen, enduring daily wear and tear even for the average cooker. Countertops are a dominant feature when entering a kitchen and can really tie together all the colors and cabinetry. Although there are more numerous factors to consider when purchasing new countertops, we have picked the top three characteristics first time home buyers may need to know.
  1. Color
  2. Durability
  3. Stain-resistant
Countertops are offered in solid colors, as well as in a variety of colors and textures. A solid color countertop such as ceramic tile can help accentuate other features or bright colored focal points in a kitchen. A much busier design for a countertop serves as a way to incorporate all the colors found throughout the kitchen using one focal point. You also want to keep in mind that lighter colored countertops show dirt and spills more easily.

Countertops go through cutting, cleaning, various thermal temperatures, and damaging conditions daily. Selecting a countertop that is durable, yet beautifully crafted, can be accomplished by installing a natural stone such as marble. Other countertop options such as laminate, are more affordable but can’t withstand extensive cutting or hot temperatures. An increase in durability also makes the countertop less susceptible to scratching or chipping.

Kitchens are known for their occasional spills. Selecting a stain-resistant countertop makes the kitchen duties much easier to accomplish. Countertops with a seamless appearance are both visually appealing and are not at risk for grout stains. Grout, offered in all colors, but most commonly in light colors, are susceptible to staining and can be tough to return to the original color. Cleaning your countertops properly can help avoid the risk of staining for all countertops.

Overwhelmed by the different types of tiles and the advantage counters bring to your home? Read Find out what countertop is right for your home’s style and let us help!


A home that has been on the market for a long time could lack the upkeep a yard continuously needs to remain beautiful and healthy. While you might not have bought your house initially with the garden of your dreams and an upgraded backyard pool, we can help you develop a landscape you will love.

Read our article on 5 Ways to Transition Your Backyard from Summer to Winter and make this transition easier than ever.

A Walkway Paver
The function of a backyard walkway is to lead a person through the preferred trail outside to a specific area (e.g. front door, garage, pool area, etc.). A walkway appears to look expensive, but can fit the budget of many first time home buyers. A walkway requires little to no maintenance and can typically withstand even the most severe weather conditions. This feature is long lasting and continues to bring style to any house hold.

Pool Copings
Pool copings can add the finishing look your pool needs to determine the space between the structure of the pool and the pool’s deck. Coping serves as a decorative frame that outlines the pool, and adds style to your backyard patio. Don’t settle for the pool you bought your house with that may lack design and flare. Take a look at the different types of pool copings offered and find one that would look perfect in your new home.

Artificial Grass
Enjoy green grass all year round with artificial grass! This eco-friendly grass is low maintenance and cannot die. Spend no time mowing your lawn in the hot Phoenix sun, or risk forgetting to water your grass at the appropriate time of day for the correct amount of time. That’s right, no watering schedule! Artificial grass can save you time and water which reflects on a lower monthly water bill!

Don’t settle for the features that came with the initial purchase of your first property. Upgrade your new space into a place you can call home and contact Imperial Wholesale today!