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What to Do With My Leftover Glass Tiles

Leftover Glass Tiles Leftover Glass Tiles
So you've purchased your glass tiles from Imperial Wholesale (because we have the best selection and best prices, of course). But now you have a few leftover tiles… What to do, what to do. You could store them in an old box in the garage that you’ll eventually throw out in five years once you need the space. You could save yourself the space and throw them away right after you install the backsplash. Or you could be creative and have fun with those leftover materials and make something out of nothing; make something beautiful out of something that millions of others view as unusable.

Here's how:

Let’s Get Creative

When you look at a piece of mesh glass tile, (mesh being the backing that keeps a bulk of tiles together, eliminating the one-by-one install process and saving you lots of time) you may start to get inspired. We sure were! Since we look at glass tiles on a daily basis, we thought it’d be nice of us to share our ideas and inspirations with you, so here they are:
    • Placemat – If cut correctly, the mesh glass tiles can actually be used as a kitchen placemat or table liner. Go with the same tile in your kitchen backsplash or choose something that complements the backsplash. Make sure to choose one with tiles that can be cut in an even line. You won’t want to choose the uneven tiles as your placemat will never be able to get to that perfect rectangle shape you want. Placemats can be any size you want, but the average size is around 12x16 inches.
    • Custom Picture Frame – Creating custom picture frames with your leftover tiles is a fun and creative way to use up the material. They make a great gift and look excellent in your home, carrying the same tile throughout your home into multiple rooms. For step-by-step instructions on how to create a custom picture frame using your leftover glass tiles, read our article How to Make a Custom DIY Picture Frame with Leftover Glass Tiles.
    • Coasters – This project is similar to the placemat, but smaller and simpler! Take your leftover glass mesh tiles and cut them into squares, cutting along the mesh. We know, this sounds too easy. Well, lucky for you, that's really all this project takes. It's that simple! Once you cut the mesh tiles out into squares, set those bad boys on the coffee table and watch your living room come alive. They'll add some style and practicality to the space.
  Placemats, picture frames, and coasters- oh my! Who would’ve thought you could make so many things from your leftover kitchen backsplash. There are of course many more things you can do with your tiles, these are just our three favorites! If you have more fun ideas, please share them to our Facebook page, we’d love to hear from you!