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Light vs. Dark Countertops: The Pros and the Cons

Light or Dark Countertops | Imperial Wholesale

When it comes to countertops, the options are endless. If you've begun your kitchen renovation, you most likely know this firsthand. Countertop options can range from granite to quartz, slabs to prefabricated, and light to dark, to name a few. With such a wide array of countertops on the market, how are you to know which is right for you? Luckily, we're here to help. At Imperial Wholesale we've been in the industry for more than 40 years and are countertop experts. We'll help you determine which is right for your space and your budget. Specifically in this article, we're weighing the pros and cons of light vs. dark countertops to help you determine which color tone is ideal for your next renovation.

The importance of countertops

Before we dive too deep into the difference between light and dark countertops, it's crucial to first understand the importance of countertops. Countertops are useful for cooking, staying organized, and storing items you use on a daily basis. However, countertops are more than just functional pieces. Countertops also bring personality to your home. Typically, they’re large statement pieces that leave a big impression. A well-designed countertop can bring your space to life, whereas a poorly designed countertop can leave your room dull and bland. Make sure you think about how your space will be perceived before installing a new countertop.  

Light countertops

To begin our discussion, we'll start with light countertops. Here, we'll weigh the pros and the cons of incorporating this type of countertop into your space.

The pros of light countertops

Light-colored countertops, such as tan, white, beige, and cream, have been gaining popularity recently. These light colors brighten up any space and make a room feel warm and inviting. Additionally, light colored countertops complement a wide variety of designs very well. They serve as a blank palette for your space, which gives you a lot of freedom throughout the rest of your designs. With a light countertop, you can easily incorporate bold colors with your cabinets, backsplash, or flooring. However, you can also keep these same design elements neutral and light. A large benefit of light countertops if that you're able to either be bold or neutral with the rest of your designs. Most homeowners really enjoy this because it gives them flexibility to be able to easily incorporate new designs in the future, without worrying about how their countertops will blend in.

The cons of light countertops

When it comes to light countertops, keep maintenance in mind. With light-colored countertops, you're more likely to deal with pestering stains, noticeable crumbs, and more. It's important to consider this before committing to a white, tan, or beige colored countertop.

Dark countertops

On the other hand, dark countertops, including black and grey countertops, have their own advantages and disadvantages. Read up on these pros and cons below before making your countertop decision.

The pros of dark countertops

Dark-colored countertops make a bold statement. They're sleek and modern and look great in just about any space. Dark countertops are a staple because they bring depth and substance to a room's design. In addition to being a bold, statement piece, dark countertops are preferred by many homeowners because they're easy to maintain. The patterns and details incorporated in dark countertops help to conceal messes, crumbs, stains, and more that can take place on a daily basis. Specifically, this is a large benefit if you have children in your home who are prone to spills and messes.

The cons of dark countertops

On the other side of the equation, some may argue that dark countertops have some slight disadvantages. One disadvantage is price. Because dark-colored countertops give off a bold, luxurious look, many tend to cost a bit more than light countertops. However, at Imperial Wholesale this con may be avoidable. We offer wholesale prices to homeowners, contractors, and designers, which will help reduce the cost you see associated with dark-colored countertops. Marks and stains may also be a disadvantage to dark countertops. Dark materials are prone to exposing marks that would otherwise go unnoticed, such as fingerprints and water rings. Consider this before making your final decision.

The final verdict

So, which is right for you—light countertops or dark countertops? If you're looking to accomplish a spacious and airy look within your room, we recommend selecting a countertop with a light color tone. Light countertops provide a blank slate and are great for creating a welcoming ambiance. However, keep in mind, you'll need to clean light countertops more frequently to avoid common stains that arise on a daily basis. On the contrary, if you're looking to achieve a modern, sleek, and bold look within your home, dark colored countertops are for you. But remember, dark-colored countertops can be a bit pricy. They're also prone to showing miscellaneous marks, like fingerprints and water rings.

What's next?

Determining the color of your new countertops is just the start. Once you have that figured out, you must also confirm the material of your countertops, the shape, the size, and so on. Once that's decided, you must consider all your options for backsplashes, flooring, paint colors, décor, and more. The point we're making here is renovations, and specifically kitchen and countertop renovations, can be hard work. There are endless elements to think about. However, at Imperial Wholesale we make renovations easy. We offer one of the largest selections of product inventory in Arizona, all at affordable, wholesale prices. We also provide free design consultations, as well as helpful financing and installation services. From start to finish, we've tailored our business around helping you. Come visit us today at one of our warehouses to get started on your next home renovation project.