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Liven Up Your Front Yard with a Fountain

Don’t judge a book by its cover. We are taught this simple lesson at a very young age, but in reality, it is pretty hard to not judge something at first glance, and a home’s curb appeal is no different! Whether you are going to dinner at a friend’s house, picking up the kids from a play date, or driving around to get some new ideas, chances are, as you pass each home, you are making comments in your head about what you are seeing. You may think to yourself, “Wow, they have beautiful grass” or “Who chose THAT paint color for THAT house?” or “Where did they get that fountain? My yard needs a fountain".

Instead of focusing on what the neighbor’s house looks like, direct that focus to your home. What are people saying about your curb appeal? If you want to ensure that your home is receiving positive thoughts from your neighbors and those that drive by; install a fountain. Fountains are the columns of the front yard – they add drama, style, elegance and design, without changing everything in the yard.

Picking a fountain for your front yard is a lot like picking out a sofa for your living room. Because they are so large, you cannot “test” different options out before deciding on one. Instead, you’ll have to use your best judgment, personal opinion and design senses to choose the ideal fountain for your yard.

The first thing to decide is where the fountain will go. Once you decide this, you can filter out the fountains that are too big or too small to fit the space.

After size, start to think about the style and design of your home. Does your house have straight lines with sharp edges or uneven lines with rounded edges? Think of the fountain as an extension of your home and use that information to choose the fountain that best matches the architecture of your house!

Sounds simple enough, right? Liven up your front yard with a beautiful, dramatic fountain and leave your neighbors more jealous than ever of your home’s newfound curb appeal.