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Luxury Vinyl Tile | Vaunt About It

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is currently the fastest growing category for flooring. Thanks to modern technology, luxury vinyl planks are becoming harder to tell apart from real hard wood and porcelain/ceramic tiling. LVT flooring has come a long way since the 70’s when vinyl and laminate flooring could be found in nearly every kitchen, but LVT is not what it used to be. Luxury vinyl tile now comes in array of colors and textures as well snapping together rather than the classic peel and stick of traditional vinyl. Today you can find luxury vinyl flooring in healthcare facilities, school class rooms, homes, businesses and even hotel rooms and vacation rentals across the world! The ease of installment makes it a popular flooring choice for the D.I.Y.’ers. Another improvement luxury vinyl tile has over the older generation of vinyl floors is that it is 100% water proof, making it perfect for any kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere that is likely to be exposed to moisture.

What is Luxury Vinyl Tile and How is it Different from Traditional Vinyl Tile?

Luxury vinyl tile has 4 parts to it: the wear layer, the printed layer, the center, and the base backing. The wear layer is the top most layer that’s purpose is to protect the tile from scuffs, scrapes, stains, and other damage. This layer gets a “mil” rating (not to be confused with the vinyl plank thickness “mm”), the higher the rating, the less likely it is to get scratched. The second layer, the printed layer, is where the actual design is printed on. The third layer is the center, this layer supports the entire tile and provides the soft yet strong consistency that’s comes with vinyl. The final and bottom layer is the base, which supports the whole tile and protects both the tile and the subfloor. The wear layer is potentially the most important layer because the thicker it is, the longer it will last. If a wear layer is too thin, it may wear through and expose the printed design layer to damage.

Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile

All flooring options have different factors that can play a role in how you pick what kind of floor is best for your home. Thankfully, the modern luxury vinyl tiling is a super resilient flooring that is 100% water resistant as well as stain and scuff resistant, making our luxury vinyl planks perfect for any high traffic areas and family homes with children or pets. As well as being incredibly cost effective compared to other flooring options, luxury vinyl floors are much softer and feel better on your feet and overall quieter than the other flooring products. This softened feel is a major benefit in homes where an accidental tumble is not uncommon.

Our luxury vinyl flooring is GreenGuard Gold certified, FloorScore certified, and also feature the UNICLIC locking system  for easy installation. Our luxury vinyl tile is recognized for its high air quality rating, so not only is it perfect for you home, it’s qualified for schools and health care facilities. These luxury vinyl floors were also designed using low-emitting materials to keep families and the environment safe. Luxury vinyl tiles are fire resistant due to the majority of the make-up being PVC as well as having a low heat release rate. Due to their smooth, water proof service, allergens or other things looking to bother your sinuses will have trouble finding a home on your new luxury vinyl flooring.

Luxury vinyl tiles are almost indistinguishable from real wood or tile. LVT is available to be textured and colored in countless ways to match any one décor. There’s bound to be a luxury vinyl tile that’s right for your needs; from a modern home to a Mediterranean villa to a beach shack and everything in between. When compared to real ceramic tile or  wood, maintenance is practically effortless. There’s also no routine care like waxing or re-finishing, the only requirement is some sweeping and maybe light mopping. For more examples on cleaning and the upkeep of luxury vinyl floors, click here.

LVT Flooring is perfect for all rooms, especially high traffic areas, bathrooms, kitchens, basements, laundry rooms, foyers, or family rooms. Thanks to the durability of the LVT composite, they are long lasting regardless of their location. Plus, these tiles do not swell or warp when exposed to moisture. Luxury vinyl floors are also incredibly easy to install and remove. The vinyl planks snap, click, and lock into place, the only requirement is a flat surface to lay them on. Vinyl tiles can sometimes even be laid right over the existing flooring.  The ease of installment also means an ease of removal meaning that your home can affordably and easily stay up to date with trendy flooring and since there is no adhesives, these tiles “float” over the subfloor.

So What?

Luxury vinyl tile is an amazing way to re-floor any room in your home without worrying about compromising your budget. Luxury vinyl floors are a great way to mimic that sleek porcelain look, natural stone or even comforting wood style with an easier installment process and far less maintenance. Vinyl tiles are also much softer than porcelain or ceramic tiles, giving you peace of mind for your children, accident prone family members, and those aching heels. Vinyl flooring is perfect for areas of high traffic such as a family room or bedroom and since they are completely water proof, you can rely on your vinyl planks to not peel or swell in areas prone to moisture like kitchens or bathrooms. LVT is also incredibly resilient, our tiles are designed to keep up with the daily incidents from children, dogs, or even the occasional rock stuck on the bottom of a shoe. Since installation is as easy as a snap and a click, there is no messy grout to have to constantly scrub clean or re-fill. In the case that a tile is damaged beyond repair, replacing the piece is as easy, if not easier, than installment! Our prices for luxury vinyl tiles start at $1.99. We recommend coming down to our Mesa showroom so you can see and feel the benefits of luxury vinyl tile in person.

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