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How to Match Your Home Designs to Your Personality

interior-designs-based-on-your-moodEveryone’s home puts out a certain vibe. For first-time home buyers this vibe may be, “Look at me, I have arrived!” For short-term renters, this vibe could say, “Don’t worry, this is only temporary.” And for out-of-town vacationers this vibe could be, “We’re here to have a good time!”

These subliminal messages are defined based on the colors, furnishings, layout, décor, and any other elements of your home. And just like human beings, these elements and messages allow your home to take on any number of personalities. So, thinking about your current space, what type of personality do you want it to embody? And how can you accomplish this look?

If these questions seem too far-fetched to answer, don’t worry—we’re here to help. Within this article, we’re sharing tips and tricks on how to design your home’s décor based on a wide variety of personalities.

For the person who likes to have a good time

We’ll call this person the entertainer. Their personality is fun, exciting, and welcoming to any and all guests. They are the person everyone turns to for Friday night plans because they always throw the best get-togethers.

If this sounds like the personality you want to incorporate within your home, we suggest focusing your design efforts within your den, living room, or outdoor area, depending on where you like to entertain the most. Within these areas, there are several important design features you should implement, including:
  • An open-concept floor plan
  • Seating to fit everyone
  • Large countertops
  • An entertainment center that includes a TV or speaker
  • A designated bar area for refreshments
  • An additional feature to catch everyone’s attention such as a pool table
For inspiration on where you can take this project, take a look at the following image designed by Carlos Martin Architects, Inc. Complete with a pool table, entertainment center, and plenty of seating, this home’s personality is the epitome of entertainment.

2821 Spanish River Road Residence

For the person who enjoys their personal space

We’ll call this person the introvert. This person is characterized as being calm, independent, and enjoys their own space from time to time.

If these attributes seem to resemble your personality, we recommend focusing your design elements on practical features that’ll protect your privacy. For example, a closed-off floor plan, sliding privacy doors, and cozy décor items will allow your home’s vibe to say, “I’m ready for a night of relaxing and reflecting.”

To help you envision what this home personality can look like, check out the below image. Mar Vista Design created a quaint space capable of transforming into a completely private office. By incorporating a barn door, they’ve created a practical solution that’s both easy to install and aesthetically pleasing.


For the person who wants everything out in the open

The next personality trait thrives off an everything-in-the-open lifestyle. We’ll call this person the extrovert. They aren’t afraid of showing off their assets and love to be surrounded by like-minded, strong personality individuals.

If you’re drawn to this particular personality, we highly recommend starting with an open-concept floor plan. This will keep your home spacey and airy, showing off all the décor within your home with one simple glance.

In addition to an open-concept floor plan, these design elements are a must:
  • Indoor/outdoor living
  • Large windows
  • Out-of-the box artwork
  • A place to entertain
If you’re looking to create an extrovert’s paradise within your home, pull inspiration from Total Concept’s image below. They’ve transformed the kitchen, living room, dining room, and outdoor area into one cohesive room. Goodbye privacy. Hello open space.

Vineyard View

For the person who loves to cook

We’ll refer to this individual as the foodie. They love to host dinner parties and try out new recipes over the weekend.

To coordinate your home’s décor to match the foodie’s personality, we recommend focusing your effort within your kitchen. This means including:
  • Large, farmhouse sinks
  • Multiple countertops to cook on
  • Extravagant pennant lighting
  • Plenty of space to sit, relax, and eat
  • Stained cabinetry
Pull your inspiration for this project from Clyde Hill Modern Farm House. Their image below features a farmhouse-style kitchen equipped with large countertops, pennant lighting, and beautiful cabinetry. It’s a perfect kitchen for a foodie personality.

Clyde Hill Modern Farm House

For the person who always has the latest in technology

We’re referring to this personality as the techy. This person has a first-mover mentality and is always up to date on the latest technology. They’re the person you turn to when you’re struggling to update your phone, install the latest app, or stay up to date on technology product releases.

If you’re looking for your home’s personality to come off as a total techy, we suggest modernizing your entire space. Accomplish this by:
  • Sticking to a neutral color pallet
  • Installing an electric fireplace
  • Using textures such as leather, stainless steel, and concrete
  • Incorporating glass tile
  • Using dark wood hues
  • Making use of technology
For a completely modern space, we suggest beginning your initial brainstorming by looking at the following image. Designed by Thirdstone, Inc., the image below is able to effortlessly accomplish a contemporary look.

LG House - Living Room Interior

For the person who’s always referring to “the good old days”

Finally, the last personality is what we call the nostalgic. This person typically strays away from the typical elements of our modern culture, preferring the simpler things in life. Generally, the nostalgic is never seen with a phone in hand and is always referring to “the good old days.”

In order to successfully pull off this personality, it’s important to implement all things “old school.” This includes, but is not limited to: Taken by Marcia Prentice Photography, the image below is a perfect example of what a nostalgic person’s home may look like. It pictures a traditional fireplace, unique hardwood, and a plethora of photos—allowing the space to appear as though it’s been taken out of your walk down memory lane.

Interior Photography

To wrap things up

Whether you fall under the category of the entertainer, introvert, extrovert, foodie, techy, nostalgic, or any other personality, it’s important to remember that the designs of your home can reveal an intimate side of your emotions, mood, or character.

To help you align your home’s designs to your ideal personality, turn to Imperial Wholesale. From sinks to tile, hardwood, and backsplashes, we’ve got you covered for any of your interior or exterior remodeling needs. Simply give us a call or visit one of our warehouses located in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona to get started.