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Modern Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen Design Modern Kitchen
Modern Kitchen Design Understanding how to design your home and kitchen to be modern first starts with truly understanding what it means for something to follow modern design. Modern architecture is an excellent place to start. So what makes something modern? Modern design and style is simple, clean and very streamlined. You won’t find unnecessary pieces of furniture or accessories in a modern designed home.


What is Modern Design?

To understand what modern design is, think back to the types of architecture and design that were created in the 20th century. Those are modern. Many give credit to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Larkin Building, located in Buffalo, New York as being one of the first modern designs. The Larkin Building was designed in 1904, just at the start of the 20th century.

Modern vs. Contemporary

Modern and contemporary are two very different types of design and actually refer to two different things. Modern design refers to a specific period and style that goes along with it, meaning it will never change. What makes something modern in design today will also make something modern in design 50 years from now. Contemporary design however is the design that is in style at the current time. So with that being said, something that was contemporary in design 50 years ago can be very different than what is considered contemporary now, or what will be considered contemporary in 50 years from now.

How to Design a Modern Kitchen

Designing your kitchen in a way that follows modern design is made easy if you follow our examples and guidelines. It can be easy to want to add in a little decorative element here, and something small there, but if you want to stay true to modern design, keep it simple. So how do you pick and choose all of the different elements that are required to make up a kitchen, keeping modern design at the forefront of your decisions? The next sections will help guide you down the right path.

Modern Countertops

When it comes to countertops, finding something to work into your modern style and design is actually pretty simple. Countertops in general are rather simple pieces. Sure, countertops can have detailed edgings or be made out of natural stones with lots of busy patterns, but for the most part, countertops are simple. One of the best ways to get your kitchen following the modern design you want it to is by choosing a solid white or solid black countertop. There are different materials to choose from such as:   And remember to keep in mind simplicity and clean lines. When you are at Imperial Wholesale browsing through all of our countertops, you might be inclined to choose something with lots of color and contrast or pattern. If you really want your kitchen to be modern, steer clear of those materials and focus in on those that are clean and simple. You will be happy in the end when your kitchen is truly modern in design.

Modern Cabinets

Cabinets make up a large portion of your kitchen. Because of this it is important that they match the style and design you are really going after in your home. In this case, we want to choose cabinets that will match the modern look and feel of the rest of the kitchen. So what types of cabinets are considered modern?
  • Crisp and clean painted black
  • Solid white
  • Dark hardwood

Modern Flooring

Flooring takes up a large percentage of the home, acting as the base for every room’s design. Choosing a modern flooring material and style that is consistent with the rest of your home is important but can be a bit tricky. For counters and cabinets you can take the easy route and choose a solid black or white material and call it a day. When it comes to flooring, hardwoods and laminates have grains to think of while floor tiles have textures and patterns. Once again, go simple and clean. A crisp dark hardwood, or a light clean colored tile will work nicely.

Modern Details

To complete a kitchen, you need more than counters, cabinets and flooring. You will need hardware for your cabinets, possible backsplash materials, window treatments, wall décor and more. Keeping all of these smaller details modern is just as important as the large design choices you will have to make. However, losing your direction and getting off style is a lot easier to do when thinking about the smaller details.  Just think about it. Whenever you are at a large department store “browsing” and see something you like, just because you like it doesn’t mean it goes with the modern style you want in your kitchen. Before buying the smaller details and accessories, think about your space. Then visualize how that one piece will affect your design. If you throw in an Italian inspired stone backsplash to a completely modern kitchen just because you liked the stone when you happened to see it, your design will be thrown completely off track. If you take the time to visualize how it will look in your space before buying, you will be more likely to stick to the design you really want to accomplish.

  We all like different things. And some of us even like more than one style! This is what makes designing a space so difficult. You have a vision of what you want your space to be, but as soon as you start shopping you get distracted by other products and materials that you also like, even if they don’t fit into your end goal. Designing a modern kitchen can be easy if you keep your end goal at the forefront of your mind whenever making decisions, ensuring your end result is a perfectly modern kitchen!