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Natural Stone Exteriors: Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

natural stone siding Stone Exteriors: Enhance Your Home's Curb Appeal
Your home’s curb appeal is important. An attractive home is easier to sell, will likely sell for a higher price, and best of all, it shows off your exceptional taste. For these reasons, choosing the perfect exterior siding for your home is key. You have a number of options to choose from, including natural and artificial material. However, if you really want to upgrade the look of your home, there’s nothing better than natural stone!

The Rich, European Beauty of Natural Stone

Think about what you saw as you traveled through the streets of centuries-old towns on your last European vacation. Did you see vinyl siding on the houses? No! You saw stone. Nothing else comes close to matching the architecture of the old world as natural stone. And with Imperial Elite, you can create a home that looks just like the luxurious stone chateaus you enjoyed while visiting Italy, Greece, and Germany—just a few of the many European destinations filled with beautiful stone buildings. Many of these buildings have existed for hundreds of years, which is just a testament to the fact that stone exteriors stand the test of time. Marble, granite, and porcelain are just a few of the natural stone materials used for home siding, and each one brings to mind high-end beauty and class. You can choose one of these popular stone materials, or go with something more specific, such as:
  • Durango Travertine from Mexico
  • Tuscan Ivory Travertine from Italy
  • Pijama Marble from Turkey
  • Reclaimed Jerusalem Stone from Israel
And that’s just a starting point! Did something specific catch your eye during your recent visit to Paris? Or London? Or even Puerto Vallarte? No matter where it is in the world, Imperial Elite will find any stone material you desire and help you implement it into your home! Along with the obvious aesthetic upgrade that natural stone offers, there are a few practical benefits for choosing stone for your home’s exterior siding as well. A few of the benefits of natural stone exterior siding are:
  1. It goes with everything
  2. It gives your home a luxurious look that lasts a lifetime
  3. You’ll be able to add accents with ease
  4. It’ll increase the value of your home
Read on to learn more about these four benefits of using stone for your home remodel project!

#1 Stone Goes With Everything

Stone siding is so versatile that it won’t limit you to just one style of outdoor décor. It can be accentuated with nearly any color shutters and trim, so you have the freedom to create a style that’s unique to you. You could choose modern or classic decor, or do something entirely different! It’s your home project, so you’re the one in control. Whether you prefer a simple finish or desire lots of intricate texture and details, there’s a stone that can accommodate your needs—and your landscape.

#2 A Luxurious Look that Lasts a Lifetime

Durability is one of the hallmarks of natural stone.

Though the stone you choose for your home’s exterior may look delicate and beautiful, in reality it’s very durable. You won’t find a material better suited for handling harsh, inclement weather than natural stone. Your home will look like new while being protected from damage from various elements—rain, hail, dust, etc.
Here in Arizona, the sun can be harsh on anything in its path: your car, outdoor furniture, and even your home’s siding. But there’s one type of siding that it can’t damage: stone.

Natural stone doesn’t fade or change colors in the sun. Plus, lighter color stones more easily reflect the sun compared with other material, such as brick. This will help you save money on electricity costs during the long, hot Arizona summers. Natural stone siding instantly transforms the appearance of your home in a way no other material can. Whether your home is small or large, stone looks luxurious—and lasts a lifetime!

#3 Add Accents with Ease

One of the most difficult and troubling parts of choosing a siding is finding out later that your choice doesn’t look good with other elements you want to add to your home. If you think you may want to add stone columns, a fountain, or other accents later, it’s easy to coordinate everything with stone. Stone is always going to look great, and it’ll be easy to find a good accent piece to go with it. Even if you want to add non-stone elements, it’s not hard to find ones that coordinate well with your stone siding.

And if you decide to add another room to your home, or you want to construct a guest house, toolshed, or pool down the road, that’s possible too! There are plenty of options when it comes to designing your home’s exterior with stone and any other materials you like.

#4 Thinking of Selling Your Home? Choose Stone Siding

While you’ll likely enjoy the beauty of your stone siding for years to come, there’s one other benefit to choosing stone—increased resale value.

Potential home buyers love the look of natural stone siding just as much as you do. Should you decide to put your home on the market one day, you’ll find that investing in stone siding pays off—big time. Buyers appreciate excellent curb appeal, and your home may sell more quickly and for a higher dollar amount than it would have otherwise.

Natural stone is the one upgrade that you know will retain its value for years to come. Potential buyers will immediately see your home as high-end and, therefore, feel better about paying that high-end price you hope to receive.

Next Steps

No matter what your reason for choosing it, it’s clear that natural stone provides tremendous benefits when used for your home’s exterior siding.   Browse the many beautiful and timeless options available to you in the Imperial Elite Inspiration Gallery, or contact us today and one of our experts will help you find the perfect natural stone siding option for your home. Once you decide on the right material, you’ll soon be the proud owner of the home with unmatched curb appeal that everyone admires when driving through the neighborhood!