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How to Plan Your Visit to Our Warehouse

Whether you’re planning a backyard transformation, starting to explore slabs for new kitchen countertops, or just interested in seeing what’s out there in the world of design, our warehouse is full of exciting options. We know it can all seem overwhelming, particularly if this is your first project and you’re wondering how to get started. Here’s an easy guide to planning your first visit to our warehouse like a pro.

Get inspired

Are you in love with a rustic and classic Southwestern feel? Or do you embrace all things sleek and modern? Having a general idea of what you’re looking for, or the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve, will help make your visit more productive overall. Our inspiration center is the perfect place to bring your vision to life. Browse our galleries to get design ideas, and see the latest trends in action. Or, get interactive and use our design tools to put together the room of your dreams with a few simple clicks. You can even put together a wishlist of products to print out and bring with you to our warehouse.

Stay on top of what’s new

We’re always introducing new and exciting products, and you never know what’s going to pop up next. Some collections are only available for a limited time, making it even more essential to keeping yourself in the loop. Fortunately, you could sign up for our newsletter to get the latest product news sent straight to your inbox, or keep an eye on our What’s New page. If you see something that catches your eye or gets your creativity going, be sure and stop by and see if the connection is as strong in person.

Know before you go

Our low-overhead warehouse allows us to pass more savings onto our customers by stocking more affordable products. Shopping at a warehouse is a little different than shopping at a typical store. We recommend that you wear closed-toed shoes, and keep a close eye on any children you bring, as there are many heavy slabs and tiles that could potentially cause injury. Of course, feel free to look around and find what inspires you, but if you need help finding anything, it’s best to ask one of our employees instead of moving things yourself.

Answer key questions

There are certain questions that can help guide you as you explore our warehouse, and help our employees know how best to assist you. Before visiting, you should have a general answer to each of the following questions:

What’s my budget?

Your budget should take into account more than just what you’re willing to pay for materials. First, consider costs associated with cutting and fitting a slab or tiles to your specifications. Then, consider any custom finishes, stonework, and applications you may be interested in, as these can carry a high price tag. Furthermore, be sure and include potential delivery and installation costs in your calculations as well. A good rule of thumb is to increase whatever budget you arrive at by 10% to account for unexpected changes along the way. While you may not end up spending that extra 10%, it’s helpful to keep it in mind in case you need it. To help you get a sense of what your project could cost, we provide free and comprehensive estimates. Rather than trying to evaluate the scope of your project online or over the phone, we’ll gladly come to your home to measure, ask questions, and more. Not only will your estimate include the price of any products or materials, it’ll also include any necessary installation services. You won’t find any hidden fees or strings attached to our estimates, and you’ll likely be surprised by just how affordable they can be.

What are my must-haves?

To avoid falling in love with a product that’s not right for your needs, make sure your must-haves are clear from the beginning. For example- do you need hardy flooring to stand up to pets, kids, and houseguests? Are you a culinary aficionado who needs strong, stain resistant countertops? Communicating these sorts of things to our employees can help them guide you to the best options, and also to help them visualize the requirements of your project overall.

What’s my timeline?

If you’re shopping for a specific project, it’s helpful to have a general timeline in mind. Some products may need to be special ordered, making delivery times a factor. Other products may have a long and intricate installation process that you’ll need to account for. On the other hand, some products may be readily available for a quick and easy install. Your timeline for a project can help our employees steer you towards the products that best fit your needs.

Have an open mind

While it’s great to already have an idea of the look you’re trying to achieve, part of the fun of visiting our warehouse is finding things you never would’ve thought of otherwise. If a certain slab catches your eye, don’t be afraid to explore different design options. Even if you’re dead-set on granite countertops, you may find quartz options that are more enticing. Being flexible is an essential part of the design process, and will allow you to explore all possible outcomes.

Plan for what’s next

Maybe you’ve found a marble slab you can’t live without, or flooring that’s perfect for your master bedroom. Now, what happens next? Our role in your home renovation project doesn’t have to end once you’ve made a purchase. We offer expert installation services for all of our products, to give you one less thing to worry about.  If you’re struggling to picture how your new product will work in the space, you can work with our team for a design or room remodel consult. Our experienced designers can take the picture you have in your head and make it a reality.

Visit Imperial Wholesale today

We hope this guide has you ready to come visit our warehouse and plan your next project with ease. No matter what kind of project you’re planning, you’ll enjoy superior customer service and unmatched attention to detail every step of the way. We truly leave no stone unturned when it comes to delivering the best possible results for our customers. Visit us today to see what we have to offer.