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Top 2 Popular Flooring Options for Your Outdoor Patio

The temperatures are dropping and the nights are cooling down. In Arizona, that means we finally get to really start enjoying our backyard patios by hosting parties and eating dinners outside. If your backyard patio is not yet ready for this type of entertaining, no need to worry! The most crucial backyard element to choose is your flooring, and lucky for you, we are going to list our top 2 flooring options for your outdoor patio and explain why they each make the list.

1. Flagstone

Flagstone is by far one of the most popular backyard flooring choices amongst Arizona homeowners around the valley. comes in a wide variety of colors, making it a great solution for the aesthetically concerned homeowner that wants a high-quality product that also looks great! In addition to coming in a large selection of colors, flagstone is a natural material made up of organic shapes, making it an excellent choice for those backyards that want to stay true to the Arizona desert landscape. The flagstone patio will simply blend into the rest of your backyard, keeping the authentic look and feel of a true desert landscape.

2. Pavers

Pavers are another common flooring choice for outdoor patios because they come in such a wide variety of choices. Just as flagstone comes in many different colors, so do pavers. However, unlike flagstone, pavers are made up of straighter edges, creating a more modern and geometric look. Pavers are also a bit smoother than flagstone. This is good for those who want a clean and sleek look, but may be bad for those that have little kids running around after swimming in the pool, as some pavers can get a bit slippery.

Now that the weather has cooled off and Phoenix is sure to have beautiful weather nearly every day from now up until summer comes around, take advantage of your backyard space by installing one of the two outdoor patio flooring options listed above. If you aren’t sure which choice is right for you, don’t hesitate to come in to either of our two warehouse locations, or call us up to get an expert’s advice.