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Post-Holiday Cleanup for Your Home

Post-holiday cleanup for your home Post-holiday cleanup for your home
It’s official: the holidays are over and your home is empty of any relatives. Celebrating the holidays in your home is a wonderful thing filled with lots of fun activities. However, the toll it takes on your home can be astounding! Your carpet, floors and kitchen have probably taken a beating throughout the season.

As soon as your home has emptied of any guests, you look around and wonder how your home could have possibly gotten that dirty in such a short amount of time! Dishes are broken, the Christmas tree left its mark on your carpet, and food spills have made their way onto your kitchen floor and living room furniture. Yikes! It all seems like too much to deal with. After all, you’re already exhausted from all the celebrating!

Even though the task of cleaning your home after the holidays may seem daunting, there are a few easy ways to make your home look brand new again! In this article, we will highlight the quickest and most effective ways to give your home that post-holiday cleanup that it needs! These cleaning tricks include how to:

1. Clean out the fridge
2. Deep clean appliances
3. Take care of your floors
4. Remove stains
5. Freshen up

After you have taken these five steps, your home will look and feel normal again!

Clean Out The Fridge

When reassembling your home after it has seen some wreckage during the holidays, the best place to start is your kitchen! It sees the most traffic and undergoes the most wear and tear than any area of your home, especially with all of the cooking and baking during the holiday season. The first place to start in the kitchen is with your refrigerator. With all of the yummy dishes and treats you made for the holidays, your fridge is probably jam-packed with leftovers and old ingredients.

Purge this part of your home by getting rid of any food that has gone bad or that you know you and your family won’t eat. Offer any leftovers that you have to your neighbors and give any unused or unopened items to your local food bank! Even though it’s necessary to clean out this part of your home after the holidays, it’s important not to be wasteful.

Deep Clean Appliances


After you have gotten rid of unnecessary items in your refrigerator, it’s time to deep clean it along with the other appliances in your kitchen. After all the dishes you have baked, cooked, and reheated, it’s inevitable that your oven, stove and microwave are looking worse for the wear!


Cleaning all of your kitchen appliances in one fell swoop sounds much more overwhelming than it really is. If you are living in one of the millions of homes that have an electric stove, your job is easy as pie! Just spray any all-purpose cleaner on the area and allow it to sit for a few minutes. After that, go in with a rough cloth or sponge and clean off any grime that has built up.

If you have a gas stove, there is one more step in the process of cleaning.

Remove the grates from your stove and soak them in warm, soapy water for a few minutes. After that, scrape off any cooked-on food and then place them back on the stovetop. Go over the entire stovetop area with an all-purpose cleaner to get the last bits of stuck-on food.


When it comes to cleaning your oven, it’s important to know if your oven has its own self-cleaning function. Regardless of whether it does or not, the first step you need to take is removing the racks from the inside and cleaning them off with warm, soapy water. If your oven does have a self-cleaning option, simply flip on the switch and find a way to kill some time! After the self-cleaning process is over, use a cloth to wipeout the remaining ashes.

If your oven does not have a self-cleaning option, purchase any type of oven cleaner you prefer and spray the inside of your oven with it. Allow it to sit for the recommended time the directions indicate, and then proceed to scrub and wipe the area until it is completely clean.


Last but not least, it is time to clean out the microwave! Everyone has that one family member that always manages to make a huge mess in the microwave, and then they “forget” to clean it up before they leave your home. Fear not! Your oven might be one of the simplest appliances to clean. Simply remove the glass turntable and soak it in hot, soapy water. Then spray on your favorite all-purpose cleaner and let it sit for a few minutes, allowing it to loosen up any cooked-on food. Lastly, take a rag or sponge and scrub away!

Take Care of Your Floors

With pets, kids and clumsy cousins spending a few days in your home, there’s no doubt that your carpet was left dirty, and your tile, hardwood or laminate floors are scuffed up. Pets have been running around and kids have been using your floor as their playroom, so give your floor the cleaning it needs!

Whether its laminate, hardwood, tile, or concrete, the type of flooring you have will determine what type of cleaning methods you need to implement. Check out our blog that gives you all the step-by-step details on how to properly clean your floors and have them looking like new! (Link to floor cleaning blog, once it’s published)

Remove Stains

Regardless of whether or not you have pets, or if you allow your friends and family to eat on the furniture, your couches, loveseats, and recliners are going to have a stain or two on them. Food, baby saliva, and remnants of crafts will have made their way into the fabric of your couch and can have your favorite piece of furniture looking like it just went through the wringer.

Luckily for you, we have just the trick to get those stubborn stains out! With a washcloth and a bit of rubbing alcohol, your furniture can be looking like new. Run a vacuum cleaner over it once you are done and it will be as if your family was never even there.

Freshen Up

Last but not least, get the smell of stinky socks and burnt turkey out of your home for good! Remove the last trace of your holiday get together by freshening up your home. If you want a quick and easy solution to the funky smells in your home, Febreeze or something similar should do the trick. However, if you want to take a more natural and long-lasting approach to getting rid of odors, try these natural remedies!